Xbox Series X Unboxing Video Leaked Online

A leaked video of an unboxing the next-gen console Xbox Series X was recently seen online recently giving everyone a glimpse of what is inside the box.

Xbox Series X and S

Just recently, Daniel Ahmad posted on his official Twitter account the boxes of Xbox Series X in a warehouse from some unknown location. He revealed that it is ready to ship to stores ahead of the upcoming Nov. 10 release.

A few moments later, a leaked video appeared on YouTube showing the unboxing of the next-gen Xbox console system. The owner is said to be Willy Crow and started the unboxing from removing the tape and taking out the contents from the box. It shows the console, the new controller, instruction manuals, cables, and other contents. The video itself is not that of great quality, but it does give buyers a brief preview of what the contents might look like.

Xbox Series X/S coming to retail shops on Nov. 10.

Thanks DualShockers!

Check out the leaked unboxing video here: