Xbox Series X Will Not Be the Last Console Microsoft Makes

All console hardware systems today mostly require a television to display its UI and the games that players will be playing. The upcoming next-generation consoles will do that as well since they are pieces of hardware meant as an entertainment system to be enjoyed in the living room with the TV. But with the type of media devices everyone enjoys right now, some doubt that the era of enjoying console games on TV will be over.

According to Xbox Executive Phil Spencer, he does not believe that.

Spencer explained that the TV experience is still one of the most common activities in the world today especially for enjoying games.

The executive said:

I like watching TV. I like playing games on TV. It’s where I play most of the time

Like any other gamers and other families out there in the world, TV is still one of the best ways to get entertained. Spencer believes this world will still enjoy TV and the games that can be played on it. As long as it exists, they are dedicated to deliver great console experiences to their game community.

What the Xbox consoles provide for television is the UI that would work on it. Players use it as the input mechanism that would work on the entertainment platform.

Spencer continued:

I don’t think Xbox series X is our last console. I think we will do more consoles to make that great television play experience work and be delightful.

Xbox Series X will launch this coming holiday 2020.

Interview source: Wired