Xbox Series X/S Consoles Having Strange Clicking Sounds

Several posts on social media with videos attached show that the next-gen consoles Xbox Series X/S might have some issues.

Xbox Series X and S

According to some Xbox Series X/S owners who posted on Twitter, their consoles have these strange whirring and clicking sounds after accepting a disc or playing a game. The sounds seem to be the fan or the disc cycling inside the disc drive but hitting something. It is totally bizarre.

Some do not even accept the game and end up with disc reading failure errors. Others have reported that in order to temporarily fix the issue, they have to put their consoles horizontally or vertically, opposite of what they oriented it in the first place. Some have reported that these sounds only happen when games are being installed and not on the noise level that the videos have.

Microsoft recently stated that they are encouraging the players to check out their website for troubleshooting their devices with the noise issue. Hopefully that fixes the problem.

Xbox Series X/S is now available.

Thanks Polygon!