Xbox Series X/S Storage Expansion Cards Get New Prices

After the first launch with ridiculous prices, Seagate finally makes them cheap.

It was recently announced that Seagate has now slashed the prices of their Xbox Series X/S storage expansion cards in the US.

The official Xbox Twitter account has recently posted this new change for the Seagate Xbox Series X/S storage expansion card prices but the change is only available in the US. In the UK though, it seems prices have not changed yet.

Prices when the Xbox Series X/S consoles launched in 2020 were 1TB Seagate expansion card for $219.99. Later in late 2021, the 512GB card was $139.99 and the 2TB card was $399.99.

Now the prices have changed:

  • 512GB: $89.99 from $139.99
  • 1TB: $149.99 from $219.99
  • 2TB: $279.99 from $399.99

Last month, Western Digital revealed its own new 1TB Western Digital storage expansion card for Xbox Series X/S, but it has not been scheduled yet for release.