New Xbox Series 1TB Expansion Card Greatly Cheaper Than Original Version

New expansion card might be good competition against Seagate!

A new Xbox Series 1TB Expansion Card was spotted online and it is so much cheaper than the original Seagate expansion.

On the official website of Best Buy, the WD_BLACK C50 Expansion Card for Xbox was revealed but it was currently unavailable for purchase. This is the 1TB expansion for the storage of the Xbox Series consoles for X and S.

In 2020, the two new-gen consoles of Xbox launched and offered three different expansion cards made by Seagate: 1TB, 2TB, and 512GB. The 1TB made by Seagate is priced at $189.99, which is quite cheaper than Microsoft’s 1TB original version for a hefty $220, but this is rarely in stock.

This new expansion card by Western Digital does not have a price tag yet, but it shows promise that it will be cheaper than both Microsoft and Seagate’s versions. It will be the better alternative for Xbox players who want to expand their storage in a way where they can save up more dollars.

The Xbox Series consoles have various forms of memory expansion but it is only the expansion card that is optimum for them. It offers full compatibility with the Xbox’s Quick Resume feature since these expansion cards have the same features as the SSD storage. USB drives only offer storage for Xbox One games while the expansion cards offer storage for both Xbox One and Xbox Series games.

No word yet when the WD expansion cards will be available.