Xbox Series X/S Update Speeds Boot Up Five Seconds Faster

Gotta go fast on Xbox!

Xbox Series X and S

Microsoft has recently released a new update for Xbox Series X/S that improves its boot up time.

The latest update for the next-gen console has now improved its boot up time by making a change to something when it starts up. It was simple really. They just cut up the length of the startup logo animation and that made the boot up time 5 seconds faster.

What the change does is the Xbox logo got faster. The logo will now appear and disappear on the screen around four seconds rather than the usual nine seconds. This now makes many console owners happier.

The first one to try it out right now are the Xbox Insiders. Over time, other Xbox Series X/S owners will be able to see this improved Xbox logo animation.

To note, this version of the logo is the one that appears for the console’s Energy Saver mode, which fully shuts down the console between play sessions. It is now the default for the console, but with the ability to download games and updates in the background.

xbox series x

Owners who still use the Standby option will not see this new logo version.