Xbox Series X Still Launching This Year Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Xbox Series X

The gaming community is still concerned with the coronavirus pandemic happening all over the world, and it has gotten them worried about the upcoming new console, Xbox Series X. The Xbox Head is here to put those worries to rest.

Xbox Series X launch still happening this year

Phil Spencer has finally given a statement related to what is happening to their upcoming new console and its launch in the latest IGN Unlocked Podcast. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic scare, Microsoft is still launching it this coming holiday 2020. PlayStation 5 remains undeterred despite the situation, and so the competitor is going to do the same.

The head did say that safety and security of the development teams is still the number one priority and will not compromise that for financial or product gain. The good news is that the supply chains in China have started to come back, which is a good sign. They are monitoring one big issue though: building a video game from home, which is kind of not easy to do with the internet traffic and such. The assets are quite big and it is a bit difficult transferring them from one home to another. They are trying their best though, that is for sure.

On the hardware side, the testing of those games is done at home and it is not easy to do. The teams are stretched from each other and it is a bit difficult to do as well. Spencer could feel the pains of the teams, but they are doing it at a safe pace. He does not want to speculate that the games could be delayed, but it could happen, it just depends on how the COVID-19 situation progresses. They are not in a rush, but they are also trying their best to make a game with high quality.

It is a good thing that Spencer is thinking of his teams’ safety and security first, and the fans could understand that actually. They do not need to rush things, as long as it works perfectly, any fan would understand of a little delay happening.

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