Yakuza 8 Images Reveal Early Look at Protagonist’s New Haircut

No more afro?!

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

New Yakuza 8 images have been revealed off-screen which has now shown the protagonist’s new look.

Yakuza 8 Revealed

Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio had already confirmed last year that a sequel to the newest favorite Yakuza Like a Dragon is already in development. They even said Ichiban Kasuga will be returning as the hero again together with the turn-based gameplay system that started out in Like a Dragon. It was supposed to be set several years after the events of Like a Dragon, but SEGA has not revealed any details lately, that is, until today.

Video Reveals Early Look

New images have emerged today from Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu showing in-development content from supposedly Yakuza 8 or Ryu ga Gotoku 8 in Japan. The images were from a behind-the-scenes video that featured the MMA fighter Mikuru Asakura, who is going to also appear in the game.

Ichiban No Afro?!

The images feature Ichiban with a new haircut without the afro look and other characters like Koichi Adachi and Yu Nanba. Fans were quick to notice Ichiban’s new look since in Like a Dragon, his afro hair was his signature style. It seems his hair is now tied.

The new look looks curious but fans can quickly recognize Ichiban with his afro hair. It could be possible that later in the game, he will get back his afro look.

New City?

The Famitsu article also revealed that Yakuza 8 will now be set in a new town. Like a Dragon was set mostly in Yokohama, so this could be a new city.

yakuza 8

Yakuza 8 is currently in development.

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