Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Image Hints at Gacha Mechanics

This would be a first for the franchise.

Nintendo has recently released a new The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom image that hints at gacha mechanics.

Many fans have been combing the internet for clues on what Zelda Tears of the Kingdom could offer and while there have been leaks, some are actually looking for hints on official channels. The official social media channels have been sharing some hints lately, but this recent one sure has turned some heads around as it seems to be quite familiar but in a different way.

The official Japanese Twitter account of Zelda has recently shared an image revealing Link to be standing in front of a structure that looks familiar. The translated caption says that the structure was found on a sky island and it contains spherical objects inside. The structure has a glass globe on top that houses said objects while the base has some kind of door.

The structure featured in the image looks similar to a gum ball or in Japan, a “gacha” machine where a person would put in a coin inside a slot, and then one of those objects would come out and offer a random item inside. If this is true, then it could mean Zelda Tears of the Kingdom could have gacha mechanics where one would offer currency to a banner in order to get random items or content that can be used in the game.

Nintendo has not confirmed or denied these assumptions, but hopefully, the currency used will not be real money. It could be just in-game currency that will be used or another type that will be rare to get and that can be used to get these random prizes.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom launches on May 12, 2023 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.