Opinion: Xbox One X is great for third-party, while PS4 is awesome for exclusives

It’s not rocket science to figure this one out. The massive library content that was shown at Microsoft’s E3 press conference were mostly third-party titles. Xbox One X spurs out an amazing 6-teraflop of GPU power and also a 12GB GDDR5 of RAM. Now, that’s pretty extreme – in a performance perspective. But where are all the exclusives everyone was waiting for at Microsoft’s E3? As a matter of unfortunate fact, there were none. I had to say, I was expecting some kind of a new IP and not a sequel that would launch alongside with Xbox One X, but then again, there wasn’t.

I’m not sure how true are the words of Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg that there will be tons of Xbox announcement at Gamescom, but I will keep my expectations low this time around. Now, the Xbox One X is a big leap for a mid-generation upgrade than the PS4 Pro, and with all of its power, how can all those juice be put into good use to favor Microsoft? Obviously, with third-party titles. The likes of Metro Exodus, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Star Wars Battlefront II, and Anthem will surely look dazzling on the Xbox One X compared to the PS4 Pro – that’s a real fact.For a person who also loves to play third-party games and is wanting to have a mid-generation upgrade, Xbox One X is definitely the machine to choose – and that’s IF you haven’t bought a PS4 Pro yet. Now, I dislike the fact that there are still fanboys who loves to bring down brands by saying “Oh hey! A powerful machine! But where are your exclusives, Xbots?!” and “More power no games, what a joke, this is your next level Netflix machine”. I can’t blame them, and I do agree with the fact that Microsoft is lacking in their exclusives department. But, one thing is a fact: all third-party games will shine on the Xbox One X. Players can also take advantage of its ultra-HD blu-ray player that PS4 Pro lacks. There’s quite a lot of things to consider buying an Xbox One X, sadly, exclusives is not yet – which everyone considers far heavier than anything else.

While at Sony’s side, this is my home for great exclusive games. I mean, Days Gone, Death Stranding, God Of War, The Last of Us Part II, Detroit (I’ve heard from other outlets that it was bad), and especially Spider-Man? Oh, these babies are going blitzkrieg homes! Sony has been strong with their first-party studios, giving them more creative decisions, the time to polish and improve their games’ stability and to look better on both the vanilla PS4 and the Pro. You can take a great example out from Guerrilla Games’ Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s, the new open-world IP, performance that is surprisingly in par on both PS4 and PS4 Pro without losing its visual quality.

In the end, preferences will still be the end game here. While fanboys stick with their world of going nuts in one side, others will think logically which one is the best for their hard-earned cash. Although, in my part, it’s still Xbox One X this generation for third-party games and PS4 for exclusives. I’ve been thinking a lot, and it made me decide that the PS4 still runs beautifully with games like Horizon, and the Xbox One X’s power will certainly give an incredible boost of graphics and performance on games like Anthem and Star Battlefront II, I will definitely go for Xbox One X for third-party games.

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