Only 2 Horizon: Zero Dawn Aloy Cosplayers Got It Right

Anything is possible in this world and that includes impersonating your idols. By far, Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of the greatest looking games to-date on the PS4. But how about some cosplays? Are there cosplayers out there who can actually get closely similar to the strong-willed tribal woman Aloy of the Nora tribe?

There are only 2 aspiring cosplayers who got it right! It’s not all about beautiful or being hot, because Aloy is someone who’s a strong stubborn yet a caring character.

Lili Din

A French cosplayer who impressively got the expressions perfectly!

More Photos of Lili Din as Aloy:

You can follow Lili Din on Facebook.

Ilona Bugaeva

When we talk about accuracy, the Russian cosplayer Ilona is far more the best cosplayer to look similarly close to Aloy. She even looks like Ciri in real-life!

Although, searching for more photos of Ilona’s Aloy cosplay is like chasing a ghost with no end. And this was the only photo I got to pull out from the internet. So I only ended up getting one picture of Ilona in her Aloy cosplay.

You can follow Ilona on Instagram. She does have a lot of outstanding cosplays.

I’ve been looking into some really good cosplays of Aloy, but it didn’t really impressed me aside from these two ladies.

Do you have any cosplayers in mind who you think cosplayed Aloy better? Share them in the comments!

Source(s): Lili Din’s Facebook, Ilona’s Instagram