[UPDATE] Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass Now Free On German PSN

Update: 11:17PM 9/13/2017 GMT +8

The Season Pass will be free until October 5.

Update: 2:17AM 9/13/2017 GMT +8

It’s now confirmed that the US PlayStation Store shows Star Wars Battlefront‘s Season Pass is now free. Click here.

Original Story

Just a month away, we get to start with the Star Wars Battlefront II open beta. Aside from this, it seems that the Season Pass for the first Star Wars Battlefront that launched 2 years ago is currently free on the German PS Store!

In a post made by GAMEPROOF over at NeoGAF, the Season Pass is indeed free on the German PlayStation Store and it’s currently up for grabs! And side note has been added that the Season Pass is also free on Xbox Live – confirmed by NeoGAF user black070.

The season pass grants players access to all 4 expansion packs and as well as the exclusive “shoot first” emote.

It’s a matter of time that the other PS Store regions might have the Season Pass for Star Wars Battlefront free.

We have given Star Wars Battlefront a 7.9 out of 10 with Lex stating that the game is “visually stunning”.

Season Pass Description

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Extend your galaxy with the STAR WARS ™ Battlefront ™ Season Pass. Get 4 expansion packs with 2 weeks pre-subscription to all expansion packs and an exclusive ‘shoot first’ emote.
At StarWarsBattlefront.com/SeasonPass, you’ll find the appearance dates and additional information about each enhancement.[/alert]

Star Wars Battlefront is currently available on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

Source: NeoGAF