I know that there are a lot of people that are hyped for this game, but is it really going to be as good as we all expect it to be? Xbox One owners are pining for Sea of Thieves to salvage the console’s reputation and there’s an infinitesimal possibility it could do just that.

However, I strongly believe that this isn’t going to be enough.

Sure the trailers look mighty impressive and the available gameplay videos show us some of its cool and nifty mechanics. But even with all that, I don’t feel the need to actually play the game, much less buy the console.

So I bet the majority of you are wondering “Why the heck is he not excited for this!? Is he an idiot?!”

Let me start with Rare, the game’s developer. Ever since Microsoft bought the company back in 2002, it has become a shadow of its former self. Rare used to be THE gaming developer that everyone loved and they set the bar for just about nearly every game they put out… back when they were still with Nintendo. But to this day, they haven’t exactly produced anything noteworthy. Ever since Rare was purchased by Microsoft, they made titles such as…Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts…MY GOD, it looks like they really shot themselves in the foot with that one. Oh, and let’s not forget Kinect Sports!….WHY?! Why Kinect games?! Almost nobody wanted them to make any!

If Sea of Thieves can bring Rare back to its former glory (which I doubt it will), then we’ll just have to wait and see yeah? Cause I’m sort of hoping that it actually does, yet I’m very skeptical about the game’s ability to do so.

Next, Microsoft’s tendency to destroy player expectations.

Remember when Xbox owners finally experienced PUBG on their consoles and were thoroughly disappointed at how horribly it performed on launch? Do you people recall when Microsoft made Super Lucky’s Tale, a generic as hell platformer, the game to showcase their newly released Xbox One X’s capabilities? I could go on, but that would take too much of your (and my own) time. To keep things short, Microsoft has made a ton of questionable decisions and mistakes, so it’s possible that they might just find a way to screw up Sea of Thieves as well.

I’ll at least say this, the game looks damn good. It really nails that pirate-esque theme that it’s going for and the trailer along with the many gameplay videos definitely hooked a ton of people into believing that this game might just become the reason for buying an Xbox One.

Credit where credit is due, it looks and sounds interesting…but I still have very low expectations for the game. Beta players say that it’s fun and unpredictable, especially when you have friends to play with; although this is still without complete missions and a story narrative so we won’t know just how good it is until it’s finally out on store shelves.

The game will be released on March 20, 2018, and a lot of people are looking forward to it. If I’m wrong about the whole thing, then Xbox One owners can rejoice in having a well-made game that their consoles can take full advantage of.

If I’m right? Then color me surprised that both Microsoft and Rare have let their fans down yet again.

So here’s to Sea of Thieves! Pray that it’s a great game because I’m just sitting here hoping that Rare finally does something right after being bought out!