Detroit: Become Human Gets Release Date

One of the most anticipated exclusive PS4 game of 2018, Detroit: Become Human finally gets a release date. As stated in Playstation’s Official US Blog, the game has an official release on May 25th.

Detroit: Become Human, is Quantic Dream’s latest foray into social interactions and questionable decisions in a world where human and androids interact on a day-to-day basis. This game lets you control three androids with very different views and goals. Three machines that were designed to obey who started to think on their own and feel emotions like human beings.

What’s unique about this game from previous Quantic Dreams game is that there is a possibility that you will miss a whole lot of interactions and scenes if you don’t encounter a certain object or area. This means that each playthrough will be unique to each player making multiple storylines for every individual. Mark the date!