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Detroit: Become Human Gets Three New Trailers Focusing Characters

Game developer Quantic Dream and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment recently released three new trailers for Detroit: Become Human. It sets up the introduction of three characters in the game.

Detroit: Become Human introduces KARA-AX400

The new post on the official PlayStation Blog gave introductions on three characters in the upcoming video game. The game developers introduced Kara the AX400 domestic assistant model in the post. It is the epitome of a machine that can do different kinds of household chores and taking care of children.


This particular model served a former unemployed taxi driver named Todd Williams. He has a daughter named Alice, which Kara is tasked to take care of. After a complicated situation in the house, both of them become fugitives and run away to find a path to freedom.

MARKUS-RK200: Revolutionary or Pacifist

Markus is an android that takes care of a painter named Carl Manfred. The painter lost the use of his legs due to certain circumstances.

Manfred gradually takes a liking to Markus and treats him like a real son. He taught him how to paint, and inspired him to appreciate literature and music. This caused dissatisfaction of the painter’s biological son named Leo.


The teachings of the old painter give Markus inspiration in leading the historic android revolution. He faces issues along the way like facing disagreements of his people, moral choices, and more. He must not choose a path between pacifism and violence.

Investigator CONNOR-RK800

The last trailer focused on the prototype named Connor with the model number RK800. He assists human detectives in investigations by giving them some advice. He can easily integrate into any team due to the social module that was installed into him. This time around he joins Lieutenant Hank Anderson to investigate the truth about the new deviants.


Quantic Dream will release Detroit: Become Human on May 25. It will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Source: PlayStation Official Blog