Doom Eternal – To Have No Microtransactions

It’s not the first time developers have promised to have no microtransactions. It’s not the first time that promise has been repeatedly broken either.

A ballsy announcement from id Software promises their audience that the upcoming Doom Eternal will have no in-game store. So no microtransactions will be present in the game either. This announcement has been celebrated by many as the shady practice of in-game purchases have always been associated with a stigma.

But time will tell if id Software intend to keep this promise. As Doom Eternal is published by Bethesda. A publisher who has been met with scrutiny by destroying any good will they had with the fans back in 2019. In a pleasant surprise, id Software doesn’t seem to have any interest in following after Bethesda’s footsteps.

[Doom] Eternal is a $60 game. Not a free-to-play game or a mobile game. We are giving you a complete experience with no store just like what you’d expect.

Hugo Martin on Facebook

It’s a bit sad to see nowadays that a game is “praised” for having no microtransactions. Back then, a good game is a good game. Now one of the biggest highlights to be hopeful for in a game is with it having no microtransactions.

Don’t get us wrong. I believe that id Software should be commended for the act. But it does show that the gaming industry is in a very bad state for having so much corporate meddling that people are expecting games to be released unfinished.

Rip and tear some demon guts for Doom Eternal releasing this March 20!