Blizzard Has Had A Rough Week

warcraft III Reforged

With the less than stellar launch of Warcraft 3 Reforged, it’s to be expected. The folks over at Blizzard must be wracking their heads trying to figure out how to gain back good rapport after the disappointing launch of Reforged. The update for the old 2002 game received a lot of backlash mainly due to its unfulfilling promises and greedy End User License Agreement.

On February 6th during the company’s earnings call, Blizzard president J. Allen Brack addressed this issue.

Honestly, it’s been a bit of a hard week,” Brack said. “Our community has come to expect really amazing things from us, and we’ve heard from them that we did not achieve that bar.

J. Allen Brack

Much of the criticism for Reforged lies within its promises that it failed to deliver. Most noticeably the new angles of cutscenes that were showcased in 2018 but not present in the final game. Connectivity issues have also been a source of concern for the playerbase.

Another problem that a lot take issue with, is the End User License Agreement. An agreement which gives Blizzard complete copyright authority over any custom game made in Reforged. Presumably to ensure that another MOBA-inspired game isn’t taken out of Blizzard’s hands. If one wants to make a popular spin-off of a game that took place in Reforged, they would need Blizzard’s permission.

Post launch, Reforged received one update. An update which while not doing anything major, at least fixed some bugs and addresses issues regarding the game’s Classic Mode.

If you own Reforged and are unsatisfied by it, you can gain a refund thanks to Blizzard caving in to fan backlash.

Source: IGN