5 Games to be Excited for at Sony’s E3 Press Conference

As we’re closing in to E3 for a couple of weeks, all of us are excited for the announcements of new projects, sequels, and reboots that will eventually call us to play them. It’s no different every year that in the month of June, media and consumers alike all around the world will be watching trailers and gameplays, reading news from outlets, and even watch all press conferences.

But we’re talking about games – this word is what makes a platform succeed, and exclusives will always be the type of game that will make one platform unique. Games like Halo, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and The Legend of Zelda are the reasons why we buy consoles – for its exclusives.

In E3, there are confirmed games that will be featured on-stage in platforms’ conferences. But there will also be surprises that will eventually blow us up from our seats. Here are my top 5 games that you need to be excited for at Sony’s Press Conference:

5. Resistance 4 (high probability to show)

The Chimera might once again invade the platform with their madness and war will still rage to continue on Earth. Even if there was a cure discovered in the prequel (Resistance 3), we all know there will be resistance forces from the enemy that will eventually find a way to repel the remedy of the virus.

I know this will not be a great example, but we all thought that the Locusts rule in Gears of War 3 finally ended when the queen and her army were eradicated. No, the Locusts founded a way to live – this can be said the same for the Chimera.

4. Spider-Man

Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is back – and it’s a PS4 exclusive! Insomniac Games, known for the Ratchet and Resistance franchises, is the studio behind this upcoming Spidey game. Now, now, there will be some people that might be skeptical about this game’s success, especially that all of us know how Activision’s version of their Spider-Man games came to be. Knowing how Insomniac handles their game’s quality, we can be assured that this new Spider-Man installment will be great.

Note: It’s not tied-in with the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming film.

3. Death Stranding

Little is known about Hideo Kojima’s open-world title. It has been said and confirmed that the game will also run on the same Decima game-engine that Guerrilla Games’ developed for Horizon and Killzone: Shadow Fall. With what we saw and experienced with Horizon, we might be getting similar experiences with the open-world setting and visuals. However, we must also note that Hideo Kojima can bring a lot of things on the table just like what he did with Metal Gear Solid.

2. God of War

Last year’s E3 announcement of the soft-reboot of Kratos’ war with the Gods didn’t have much gameplays shown after it was revealed — this is why it’s on #2 in my list. We’re excited to see what else can be shown at E3 this year (hopefully a release date!). The new gameplay direction of this soft-reboot is now in a third-person perspective than the hack n’ slash of the previous installments.

1. The Last of Us Part II

Choosing the #1 game on this list was difficult for me, I mean there’s Days Gone and Bloodborne 2! I had to choose, and to the games mentioned just now, The Last of Us Part II is definitely the right choice.

Ellie and Joel is back, and they will need to do their every best to survive in this post-apocalyptic world where the Infected walks the land of the United States. But there are rumors and discussion about Joel being dead, and that Ellie will avenge him. But all of it are speculations though, and we get to see more of the story and gameplay at this year’s E3 which makes it all the more exciting!

What games are you excited for to see at Sony’s Press Conference? Let us know in the comments!