5 Lady Dimitrescu Fanarts That Are Inevitably Attractive

Lady Alcina Dimitrescu has got to be evidence that humanity’s sense of self preservation is easily cast aside for a pretty face. This Capcom’s statuesque creation has garnered quite the few admirers since her first introduction and her popularity has only soured, quickly becoming Resident Evil Village’s most iconic character. Only look at the mountains of seductive but deadly fanart of Lady Dimitrescu for proof of her charisma among the fans.

What’s her biggest appeal?

Her size.

Standing at 9’6″ Dimitrescu towers over everyone, and this only serves to enhance the fetish. Particularly of those with an interest in macrophilia. Even those who don’t, can’t help but admire her imposing yet elegant presence. At any scene, it would be impossible to miss her. And who would want to?

If you yourself can’t get enough of Dimitrescu’s statuesque visage, why not enamor yourself with the seductive but deadly fanart of her from around the net? We won’t tell anyone.

Art By: kawacy (DeviantArt | Twitter | Thumblr | Patreon)

Art By: rhasta (Twitter | Pixiv | Warning NSFW!)

Art By: Easonx (Pixiv | DeviantArt | Patreon | Warning: NSFW!)

Art By: esther (Youtube | Pinterest | Pixiv | DeviantArt | Patreon | Warning: NSFW!)

Art By: Sookmo (Twitter | Pixiv)

And these are just some of the best art that we could find. As much I’d love to post more, many of the Lady Dimitrescu fanart isn’t safe for work. If you like the art up above, make sure to support the artists by visiting their pages for more of their respective works.

Be sure to cherish all the love you have for Lady Dimitrescu before she inevitably turns into a giant fly monster today and thus, ruining her elegant image for all of us. For more of Lady Dimitrescu, make sure to stick with Sirus Gaming!