5 Must Have Games that You Probably Haven’t Heard About for Android

Being on the go is rough especially when boredom manages to take hold of you. Luckily for you I’ve got 5 games that you should definitely have for android.

Now before I proceed, I’m immediately ruling out games like Pokemon Go and Injustice as they are fairly obvious choices, instead I’ll recommend games here that you’ve probably never heard about.


5. Trench Assault– Now now, don’t go insulting Trench Assault based on it’s looks. You’ll never know a game’s good till you’ve tried it out. At first, I immediately thought Trench Assault was one of those games that looked like horribly failed flash games. At least, that’s what I was initially thinking till I found myself hooked to it.

Trench Assault gets its inspiration from World War I. It’s a tactical game where you undertake different objectives, each varying from a simple skirmish up to taking an HQ. While the game might look plain and silly, just watching your men getting mowed down as you storm the trenches and then getting the satisfaction of capturing them just managed to captivate me.