5 Must Have Games that You Probably Haven’t Heard About for Android


1. Valiant Force – Gorgeous art style, amazing graphics, unique gameplay mechanics, and a pretty decent story, Valiant Force is one of the best games that I could possibly recommend. The game follows a young knight named Leon as he embarks on a journey to prove himself; he is joined by Theia and together they uncover an impending danger. The game is under the RTS genre and the developers have added quite a unique flavor to its game by focusing on formations and putting emphasis on it’s “Aura Trigger” system.

For a game that’s mainly online, it has so much content, mainly with it’s Garrison system, to the point that I can confidently say that you can indeed get strong in the game. In fact you don’t exactly have to devote your time to it and hard grind to get strong. You can completely go at your own pace as the game has a surprising amount of activities for you to do, and I’m saying this despite the fact that I’m completely hooked on the game (and with a little additional factor for me is the fact that it has japanese dubbing in it).

I don’t wanna say too much, I might not do enough justice to these games just describing them to you, you’ll have to explore the game yourself and I guarantee you that these games will be worth your time.