5 Things To Do First In God Of War

The Ghost of Sparta is definitely not a phantom. He’s back and older than ever. He’s even got a son to show off to the world. His new adventure is also phenomenal. Need I say more? God of War is an amazing game, from start to finish. Our full review can be read here. Newcomers being, well, newcomers might get intimidated with the new God of War, but worry not – we have your back.

Just Kratos being Kratos – getting enemies’ blood all over the place.

Run to every corner. Row to every shore.

Kratos is not just the God of War anymore. He’s now a father, a tomb raider, your all-around explorer. Don’t be afraid to get off the beaten path. If not hindered by an invisible wall, chances are you’ll get valuables for armor upgrades. Who knows, you might stumble upon strong enemies or two.

Destroy all things destroyable.

See something? There’s something. Destroy that something! They usually contain consumables like health and spartan rage runes. These add to your health and spartan rage meters. Breakables even sometimes have money in them. Money! Why can’t our world have loot like these hiding around the corners?

Don’t overthink puzzles.

Just like its predecessors, God of War has puzzles you can solve. There’s a lot of them, though they’re not that head scratching. The answers usually are in the same area as the riddles, and they’re usually solvable by using Kratos’ brute strength and throwing his axe.

Don’t sell crafting materials for money.

Money is not a problem in God of War’s new world, anyway. It would be better to save your crafting items for, you know, crafting, than to sell them for money. As stated in my previous point, the money in God of War is anywhere – even up on the sea.

Master the combat mechanics.

Since God of War introduces a new way to be Kratos, it is better to master the controls and the techniques when battling enemies. The mechanics get introduced in the game as you play.