5 Tips For Monster Hunter World Beginners

To those of you who are just getting into the franchise, you’ll find that Monster Hunter: World is one of the best ways to start. However, this isn’t a game that will hold your hand all throughout, so it’s best to know a couple of things before heading over to the new world and facing those big baddies.

With that said, here are a couple of tips that should help you out in your Monster Hunter journey!

Know What Weapon Suits You Best!

Around a certain point in the game, you’re made to choose whatever weapon you want to use. It’s pretty clear that beginners are going to end up saying  “Which of these fits my style well!?”. Considering that there are around 12 weapons to choose from, it can’t be helped that you’d think that way. There are players who don’t mind using whatever weapon they find cool and master them as they progress, but then there are those who would rather have the chance to pick something they’re really comfy with.

So what you can do is access the training grounds to help you get the feel of every single weapon! The training ground can be accessed in your room via a Palico caretaker. Once you’re on the training ground, you have free reign to use whatever weapon you please. If you think that you’re the long-range type, then go for the bow or bowguns. If you’re into melee combat, then go for lances or swords. If you like to hit hard, then hammers or greatswords are the way to go. Use whatever you want until you find the weapon you’re most comfortable with! It’s just sorta sad that the only thing you can use your weapons on is barrels, but better than nothing I suppose.

If you think that you want a shot at trying out another weapon for more variety on your hunts, then you can just go back to the training ground until you find the next one you want to practice with and master.

Gather As Many Materials As You Can!

This is especially true if you’re the type to use bows or bowguns. If you’re the type who isn’t exactly keen on purchasing from shops, then it’s best that you go with crafting your own stuff. Monster Hunter: World’s crafting system is simple: All you have to do is have the right ingredients or materials, then you can make whatever you need with the click of a button.

While you’re on the hunt, you’ll see a couple of things lying around like herbs or nuts. It’s best that you pick them up cause you’ll never know when you might need them. At some point you’re going to need better items to craft what you really need, so all you have to do is drop what you no longer wish to use to make room in your inventory.

Besides, you won’t really have any problems finding materials once you’ve picked them up, they’ll be instantly marked on your map and you can easily set waypoints to help guide you back towards them if you need more. Just remember that these materials and ingredients take time to grow back once you’ve picked them clean the first time, so this means you’ll want to spend a bit of time hunting or running around during the waiting period.

Check Out the Skills In Your Gear!

A lot of people just pick out and craft a particular armor set just because it looks cool. While they do look really good, each armor part has its own individual skill. Those of you who are new to the franchise might even skip out on them and just focus on defense.

That’s not something you want to do.

The skills that are in every piece armor may help you out in one way or another. For example, one armor piece might give reduce the stamina cost for certain actions such as sprinting. This can be really useful if you’re the type who enjoys maneuvering around monster attacks.

Also, if you have pieces of armor equipped that have the same skill, then that particular skill’s benefits are further enhanced! So go through each armor set and see what you want to make. Although it may seem stupid to mix and match different sets and some people may judge you for it, you’ll be the last person left standing and laughing if you’re able to survive monsters that they couldn’t.

Pick Up Those Tracks!

The neat thing about Monster Hunter: World is the new way you hunt down monsters. Now that you have the new scoutfly mechanic, all you have to do to pick up on a monster’s trail by clicking on whatever traces they leave behind (scratches, footprints, carcasses, etc.) Doing this will end up with you gathering research points.

A very good reason for gathering these points is that it’ll help you track down monsters much easier. They’ll help level up your ecological research, which in turn makes it much faster for you to know where a particular monster is going to be. It’ll even come to a point where you won’t even need to track down a monster’s trail and it’ll just pop out in your map!

These points also have a number of other uses. You can use them to forger Palico equipment, to pay for your meals at the canteen, fertilizing whatever you decide to plant in the botanical garden, or for those Tailraider Safari missions that will be introduced later into the game.

Save up on those points and use them whenever you think you need to!

Capture Monsters, Don’t Kill Them!

“Capture them? Where’s the fun in that!?” Is what you might say when reading this, but hear me out. If you capture a monster, you gain way more materials than by brutally beating these monsters into the ground. So you gain more stuff and you get the added bonus of seeing the large beasties you’ve captured being displayed in the middle of town!…sorta sad but still better than killing them!

Anyway, capturing monsters is more rewarding as there’s a higher chance of you gaining rare drops that you’d barely be able to get if you just kill them. All you need are a couple of shock traps and tranq bombs and you’re good to go! If you’re using bowguns, then tranquilizer ammo is even better!

Just remember that you should only use these on monsters that are close to dying (you’ll know when they start limping) as putting traps before that will just be pointless and you’ll end up wasting good money and materials. So remember weaken, shock, tranq, and capture!

All in All

These tips are going to prove very helpful throughout your entire journey and at some point in the future, you’ll find that these played a big part in helping you get to where you are. So for all you beginners out there, good luck and happy hunting! Stay away from those damn Paratoads!