Age of Empires 4 Development “Making Great Progress”

Age of Empires 4

Game developer World’s Edge has recently shared some developments of upcoming video game Age of Empires 4.

Age of Empires IV

According to the developer update shared by Studio Head Shannon Loftis, she revealed what is going on with the development of AoE 4. She shared that they are making great progress with it and are playing with the game every day in both Washington and Vancouver branches.

Loftis revealed that they are currently working on the kinks of the game, but they are getting there. They are now currently working form office to home and modified their processes to help facilitate productivity to keep it on track.

Aside from AoE 4, the developers have also made progress with the Definitive Editions of AoE 2 and 3. The prior specifically got updated a lot and this year they have already made a lot of changes like Ranked map rotations, Battle Royale mode, CaptureAge, making the game run on MacOS, and more.

Age of Empires 4 will launch on PC and might be available this year.

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