Alan Wake 2 Cult Stash Locations: Puzzle Solutions & Codes

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If you’re looking hard enough you may find cult stashes hidden by the disturbed Cult of the Tree, a malicious group in Alan Wake 2. These stashes are spread throughout Bright Falls and contain useful items like ammunition, healing items, and other utilities like flashlight batteries. This guide we’ve made will show you where to find all cult stash locations and the puzzle solutions to unlock the code.

It’s important to note that only Saga Anderson can get to Cult Stashes in Alan Wake 2. Her chapters are called Return and some Cult Stashes can’t be reached until you progress the story a bit. However you shouldn’t cross the Point of No Return which starts at Return 6: Scratch. You’ll be warned by the game to save before this point and if you choose to proceed, you can’t go back and get any of the Cult Stashes you may have missed.

Cult Stashes in Alan Wake 2 also contain important items like inventory upgrades and even new weapons. Each of the three main locations Saga can go to has them: Cauldron Lake, Bright Falls, and the Watery. Finding all the Cult Stashes is half of the requirements for getting the Hidden by the Trees trophy. Here’s where you can find each of their locations and how to solve the puzzle required to open them:

Cauldron Lake Cult Stash Locations & Puzzle Solutions

Cauldron Lake is a dense forest where the cult perform disturbing rituals. They’ve hidden behind five cult stashes in this area. However since it’s a maze to walk around, you might have some trouble finding them. Look below for the locations of where you can find the cult stashes in Cauldron Lake:

Cult Stash #1: Behind General Store

  • Available on: Return 1
  • Location: Murder Site

After Saga and Casey arrive at the murder site, you can break free and start exploring. Take the path to the right of the murder site and you’ll reach a cabin. In front of it is a cult stash next to the table outside.

This Cult Stash is locked and to open it you’ll have to solve the puzzle involving inputting in the right symbols. The top correct symbol is two triangles facing opposite sides with the left triangle facing up. The middle symbol should be two triangles pointing at each other. The bottom symbol should be two triangles facing away from each other horizontally.

Cult Stash #2: Cauldron Lake Shore

  • Available on: Return 2
  • Location: South of Cauldron Lake Shore

When the waters subside in Return 2, you’ll be given the chance to explore before heading back to Bright Falls. You should already be on the Cauldron Lake Shore after the cutscene. Head to the south where the tree on the shore have been damaged. There is a large hole where Saga can go through automatically.

The cult stash is just on the end of the destroyed trees. The puzzle for this one is simple. Just take note of what three buttons flashes on the lock and input them. This stash contains an inventory upgrade for Saga.

Cult Stash #3: Behind Private Cabin

  • Available on: Return 2
  • Location: Streamside

There is a small area behind the private cabin south of Streamside where a cult stash can be found resting on the above ledge. You’ll find that there’s a lock that requires three codes with a note that says rock, rock, tree. The code is 658. However if you want to solve if for yourself, here’s how:

Use your flashlight and shine it on the rocky wall above the cult stash. You’ll notice 3 +3 written in yellow marker. Travel below to where the stream is and you’ll find 7 -2 written with a yellow marker as well. On the tree above to the left, another yellow marker that says 6 +2.

Add the numbers up individually and you’ll get 658.

Cult Stash #4: Above Crow’s Foot Hills

  • Available on: Return 2
  • Location: Above Crow’s Foot Hills

Once the flood has cleared, you can explore the path before the large tree and the Witch Sign you offer the heart to. The Cult Stash is found next to the torn apart camp tent and table. This one has a more traditional lock.

You can find the key for this Cult Stash by shining your light directly above it. On the tree you’ll see a yellow symbol pointing to the right. Follow it for the Streamside Stash Key which opens it.

Cult Stash #5: Rental Cabins

  • Available on: Return 5
  • Location: Inside Rental Cabins

Cut the lock with the Boltcutters which you get near the end of Return 5: Old Gods to open the Rental Cabins area of Cauldron Lake. Then enter the gates and head right to Cabin 1 where you’ll find a break room. Inside that break room is a Cult Stash. This one has a traditional lock where you have to find the Stash Key.

The clue on the Cult Stash itself is your direction to where the key is. What you’ll need to do is head into Cabin 3 right across the entrance gate and then go through the back door. Head left and underneath a collapsed tree and then continue to last door and go through Cabin 5. Head past the Gazebo until you see trees. Shine your flashlight on the trees and you’ll notice that they have yellow markings: 6, 2, and 4. The Stash Key is behind tree with the number 2 yellow paint.

Bright Falls Cult Stash Locations & Puzzle Solutions

Bright Falls it the main town in Alan Wake 2 which can be accessed pretty early in the game. However a large portion of it is closed off until you progress the story. There are nine Cult Stashes in Bright Falls. Here’s where you can find the cult stashes in this location and how to solve their puzzles:

Cult Stash #1: Front of Lodge

  • Available on: Return 2
  • Location: Front of Elderwood Palace Lodge

There is a white van parked in front of the lodge where Casey and Saga parks their car. On the side of that white van is a Cult Stash. You can unlock it pretty easily as it only has the flashing buttons which indicate the right combination. Just take note of the right order the buttons flash in and input them.

Cult Stash #2: Front of Fresh Seafood Fish & Shrimp

  • Available on: Return 5
  • Location: Small building in front of Fresh Seafood Fish & Shrimp

Once you have the Boltcutters, you can open the gate and find a cult stash inside of the building to the right. The stash itself has a lock where you need to figure out the code. It’s the number that’s attached to the poles sticking out of the water near you. It indicates the placement of which number goes where. The code itself is 697. This Cult Stash contains an Inventory Upgrade for Saga.

Cult Stash #3: Sheriff’s Station

  • Available on: Return 6
  • Location: Evidence Room

Use the Boltcutters to get inside the Evidence Room near the morgue of the Sheriff’s Station. There’s a Cult Stash inside that took me a while to solve but the solution is simple. You just have to count the number of lines for each shape on the paper. The code is 146 in that order.

Cult Stash #4: Campsite Northwest of Bunker Woods

  • Available: Return: 4
  • Location: Near the campsite overlooking the bridge near the save break room behind a large pile of rocks

You can find this near a campsite with toys on the ground and one of those Nursery Rhyme puzzles. It has an electronic lock where you’ll have to press the correct buttons in order.

Cult Stash #5: Broken Truck

  • Available: Return 4
  • Location: South of the Bunker Woods save point

A little bit below the hut you can save the game, there is a broken down truck. At the back is a Cult Stash with a math problem. You’ll have to solve the total amount of cars compared to bikes in a factory of 200 vehicles with 754 wheels. I got the solution by dividing 2 with 754 and subtracting the result with 200. The answer is 177.

Cult Stash #6: Back of Oh Deer Diner

  • Available: Return 5
  • Location: Inside alleyway between Oh Deer Diner and Sheriff’s Station

There’s a door in the alleyway between the Oh Deer Diner and Sheriff’s Station where you’ll need the Boltcutters to open. Inside is a Cult Stash that has a work log full of activities where you can find the number you need. The clue is where the work log says the cultist painted stuff. You’ll find the symbols in the park southeast of Bright Falls.

Look at the satellite dish, the flowers near trashcan, and the gazebo. The correct symbols in order of top to bottom are two triangles lined horizontally pointing up, two triangles facing opposite sideways lined up horizontally, two triangles facing up lined up vertically.

Cult Stash #7: West of Ranger’s Station

  • Available: Return 5
  • Location: Near the light post

This Cult Stash has a traditional lock so finding the Stash Key is required to unlock it. Unfortunately the drawing is a bit too obscure to make out. The key is just outside the Ranger’s Station. Look behind the chimney.

Cult Stash #8: West of Ranger’s Station

  • Available: Return 5
  • Location: On the Ledge

This Cult Stash has a lock with symbols on it. The clues are on the yellow painted environment pointing to where you can see the symbols on rocky surfaces. The correct symbols are: triangle facing away from each other lined horizontally, double triangle facing down aligned horizontally, and triangle facing each other lined vertically.

Cult Stash #9: Southwest of Wellness Center

  • Available: Return 5
  • Location: Outside of the Valhalla Wellness Center on the woods to the southwest

There’s a small fork in the road on the southwest of Valhalla Wellness Center. You’ll find a Cult Stash there. This one is different from the others as following the yellow paint won’t do anything. Instead follow the blue placards on the ground with white arrows leading you to the Stash Key.

Watery Cult Stash Locations & Puzzle Solutions

Watery is the last new place you’ll go to as Saga Anderson. You’ll only unlock if after reaching the chapter which finally allows you to switch between her and Alan. Here are the Cult Stashes in this location, their puzzle solutions, and keys:

Cult Stash #1: Northeast Break Room

  • Available on: Return 3
  • Location: Outside of the hut powered by a generator

Due to most of the Watery being flooded, you’ll likely come across this Cult Stash first. It contains the crossbow weapon for Saga. The note on the Cult Stash says that the combination has been changed as asked.

The code combination to open this Cult Stash is 527. You can figure this out by looking at the number placards on the shooting range next to it. You’ll notice the number of b bolts ticking out of each target which indicate the correct sequence which number should be placed in from top to bottom. Once you’ve picked up the crossbow inside the Cult Stash, you can pick up the bolts for ammunition.

Cult Stash #2: Northeast Ledge

  • Available on: Return 3
  • Location: Near the break room hut northeast of the map

From the hut where you can save northeast of the map, take the trail back until you reach a board with a map of Watery. To the right side of that board is a pathway with a fallen tree Saga can crouch under. The Cult Stash is at the ledge on the end. Opening it requires just repeating which buttons flash on the lock.

Cult Stash #3: Coffee World

  • Available on: Return 3
  • Location: Under the Ferris wheel

After entering Coffee World, you can go to the Ferris wheel to see the Cult Stash. This one requires that you use the “striped cups” to figure out what the code it. Look at the Ferris wheel and you’ll notice that each of the cars is numbered. Observe the pain and take note of the ones that are striped. The code is 147.

Cult Stash #4: Coffee World

  • Available on: Return 3
  • Location: Huotari Well

Follow the signs to the Expresso Express and you’ll reach an area with a well and a light just before the Hall of the Kalevala Knights. Go to the right path and you’ll find a Cult Stash. This one has a traditional lock where you need to find a key to open. Using the clue left behind by the cultists, you can find it behind the giant statue mascot of Coffee World near the exit.

Cult Stash #5: Watery Lighthouse

  • Available on: Return 3
  • Location: Go around and climb the mountain from the break room and you’ll find the Cult Stash at the ledge.

This Cult Stash is a bit difficult to solve because the cult didn’t leave behind much clues. I admit I only solved the middle and low symbols and brute forced the top one. If you can figure it out by looking at the yellow paint on the environment with twigs tied together forming the correct symbol, you’re a better detective than I am.

Here’s the correct code: For the top, two triangles pointing down lined vertically. For the middle, it’s two triangles pointing up lined vertically. For the bottom, it’s two triangles pointing down lines up horizontally.

Cult Stash #6: Trailer Park Watery

  • Available on: Return 3
  • Location: Near Anderson’s trailer

After clearing the Overlap in Expresso Express, at the trailer below Saga’s there is a shed that has a Cult Stash. This one doesn’t have a clue for where to find the key to open it but it’s nearby. On the post to the right of the Cult Stash, there is a wooden ramp that lets you climb the blue dumpster. The key is on the meter on the pole.

Cult Stash #7: Watery Pier

  • Available on: Return 3
  • Location: On the pier south of Suomi Hall

After the floods have cleared, you can access this Cult Stash behind the blue dumpsters. The problem is that this one is filled with math! You’re going to need some algebra for this one. However if you’re having trouble, the code is 496.

Cult Stash #8: Kalevala Knights

  • Available on: Return 5
  • Location: Behind the Kalevala Knights Workshop

Use the Boltcutters to cut through the gate and get in the back of the Kalevala Knights Workshop. You’ll find the Cult Stash near the light. Be careful as I was ambushed in this spot by two powerful Taken enemies, the ones with conjoined upper torsos stuck to each other.

This Cult Stash has a code numbered lock. It’ll tell you to find the spare parts. All you have to do is count the number of parts left according to the clues drawn in the paper in this back area. The code is 542.