Alan Wake 2 Inventory Upgrades: How to Expand Inventory Space

Learn how to expand storage space in Alan Wake 2 with inventory upgrades using this guide.

Alan Wake 2 inventory upgrades featured image

Inventory upgrades increase your storage space in Alan Wake 2. Items like ammo, weapons, and everything you pick up that aren’t collectibles or key items need to occupy space in your inventory. If you’re having trouble holding onto everything you’ve gathered, then you might want to consider upgrading your inventory.

How to Upgrade Inventory

There are two ways to upgrade your inventory in Alan Wake 2:

  • Find the inventory upgrades which you can only do as Saga Anderson. There are only a total of three inventory upgrades that can be found in the game for her.
  • As Alan Wake, you only have one inventory upgrade but it’s through using Words of Power.

Inventory Upgrade Locations

You’ll be able to get inventory upgrades until the point of no return for Saga. This happens in Return 6: Scratch where you’ll be given one last chance to save your game and go back to collect items you may have missed.

Here are the locations for all inventory upgrades for Saga Anderson:

Cauldron Lake, General Store

You can find the inventory upgrade on the fallen file cabinets inside the back of the General Store near the vicinity where you find Nightingale’s corpse early in the game. This is right next to the shotgun display case where the Taken bursts out on your second return to Cauldron Lake.

Cauldron Lake, Cauldron Lake Shore

South of the shore is a Cult Stash that has an inventory upgrade. Go underneath the branches to a secluded area in the beach. There is a lock with three randomized letters that will shine quickly. Just input the codes to open it. You’ll first be able to get here after Return 2.

Bright Falls, Harbor Street

The last inventory upgrade can be found in the small building past the gate to the Fresh Seafood Fish & Shrimp building, which can be found on Harbor St. It’s south of the sheriff’s station. You’ll need to first get the Boltcutters to open this gate. Once inside, you’ll find a Cult Stash. The code is 697. Open it and get the inventory upgrade.

Inventory Upgrade For Alan Wake

Alan Wake only has one inventory upgrade available, which is the Words of Stuff: Magic Pocket. This expands his inventory by a single row. This can be done by collecting Words of Power for the Words of Stuff found in The Dark Place.

There is a point for Words of Stuff you can find starting in Initiation 5: Room 665. When you’re in the Oceanview Hotel, go to the ballroom and then shine your light above the bar where you see the yellow spirals. Once you get the Words of Power point, go to the Writer’s Room and invest it in the Words of Stuff: Magic Pocket.