Alan Wake 2 – All Mayor Setter Sign Locations

This detailed guide will show you exactly how to obtain the Mayor Setter Charm, which unveils collectibles on your map, and how to find all Mayor Setter signs in Alan Wake 2.

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Looking to earn the The Nice Things in Life trophy or achievement in Alan Wake 2? You’re in the right place! Our comprehensive guide has everything you need to know about Mayor Setter, his charming signs, and the fantastic charm that’ll make your collectible hunting a breeze.

You’ll need to find all six (6) red, white, and blue “Setter for Mayor” signs scattered throughout Bright Falls and Watery. Do note that this is exclusively for Saga Anderson’s stories/chapters. Here’s where to find them based on game chapters:

Return 1: Invitation

  • Bright Falls – Outside the Oh Deer Diner.
  • Bright Falls – On Coal Street, between the Lodge and the Sheriff’s Station.

Return 3: Local Girl

  • Watery – Directly outside Suomi Hall.
  • Watery – In Coffee World, close to the Mr. Drippy statue.
  • Watery – Near the Break Room at the entrance to the Trailer Park.

Return 5: Old Gods

  • Bright Falls – At the entrance to the Wellness Center.

Where to find Mayor Setter?

After you’ve found all the signs, it’s time to head over to Watery’s Suomi Hall. If you’ve followed our guide per chapter, Mayor Setter will appear early in Return 5: Old Gods in the same area at the Suomi Hall in the Watery.

Once inside Suomi Hall, you’ll find him on a stage, and he’s a dog. Interact with Mayor Setter, and he’ll reward you with the Mayor Setter Charm. Equip the charm, and your map will mark all collectible locations!

However, if you skipped some Mayor Setter signs, you may still find them before Saga’s Point of No Return at the end of Return 6: Scratch. Mayor Setter will still appear in Return 6: Scratch even if you didn’t find any signs.

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