Alan Wake 2 New Game Plus and Possible DLC

Remedy Entertainment isn't done with Alan Wake 2 just yet. New plans for an upcoming New Game+ mode and possibly a Control DLC crossover are in the works.

Alan Wake 2 is receiving critical praise around the internet and it isn’t too long of a wait until we can return to the story again. Remedy Games has promised a New Game Plus mode currently in the works for the future which has same game changing elements in mind. That isn’t all too with some strong evidence pointing towards a possible Control crossover expansion sometime in the future.

What is New Game Plus?

New Game Plus is a mode that allows you to play the game again from the beginning. However instead of starting from scratch, you’re able to carry over your weapons, upgrades, and other equipment from your previous playthrough.

You may be asking what the point to New Game Plus is. It lets you re-experience the game without having to go back and look for all the Cult Stashes, Inventory Upgrades, Weapons, and other useful collectibles again. Plus there’s also some added content that makes it worth your while.

How to Unlock New Game Plus

Unlocking New Game Plus requires that you first finish Alan Wake 2’s main story. Judging from the fact that you can change the difficulty at any time, you don’t need to complete the game on a specific difficulty. Just completing Alan Wake 2 at least once will unlock New Game+ for you.

At the time of this writing, there is no announcement for when the Alan Wake 2 New Game+ is expected to drop. Though we do know that it’s coming soon.

What’s New in New Game Plus?

The New Game Plus for Alan Wake 2 highlights an alternative narrative that gives you a fresh never-before-seen perspective. This means new manuscripts to collect, additional videos, and content unique to New Game+ mode. It’s a good incentive to play the game again without feeling like you’re just rethreading old ground.

New Game Plus is also the only mode that lets you access Nightmare difficulty. If you thought that Hard mode wasn’t enough, you may be seeking a greater challenge. Looks like there is a use for all the weapons and upgrades you get to keep. I already mentioned in my Alan Wake 2 review that enemies can put you down easy. Expect to be even more vulnerable in Nightmare.

Control DLC Coming Soon?

An expansion for Alan Wake 2 coming soon titled “The Lake House” has strong hints of being tied to Remedy’s other work, Control. The premise of the DLC revolves around secret government organization and an experiment from ambitious scientists gone wrong. It’s pretty much a dead ringer for the Federal Bureau of Control which is a present organization from said game.

Some strong spoilers if you haven’t finished Alan Wake 2 yet so turn back now if you haven’t at least reached Return 5: Old Gods. In this chapter, The Federal Bureau of Control hijacks the main plot of the game and throws a wrench in everyone’s plans. The primary FBC agent who directly interacts with FBI special agent, Saga Anderson, is Kiran Esteves who was mentioned in the Control AWE expansion. Kiran is the head agent of Lake House, which is the title of the upcoming Alan Wake 2 expansion.