Aliens: Dark Descent chapters list

This guide will provide a full list of all the Aliens: Dark Descent chapters, taking into consideration the correct order in which you should complete them.

Aliens Dark Descent chapters list featured

Aliens: Dark Descent has you completing a list of objectives within chapters that have you locating a group of survivors and saving them from becoming victims of the hostile Xenomorphs. All the while, you’ll have to keep your team alive and mentally fit to carry out these operations, least they sabotage them by panicking and refusing to follow orders. The Aliens: Dark Descent chapters take you through terrifying Xenomorph-infested environments.

This guide will show you each chapter in Aliens: Dark Descent that you’ll go through to complete the game. Check your progress with this handy list.

Aliens: Dark Descent Chapters List

Here are the Aliens: Dark Descent chapters in order:

  • Prologue
  • Dead Hills
  • Berkley’s Dock
  • Harper’s Hell
  • Otago’s Last Stand
  • Nuclear Protocol
  • Atmospheric Nightmare
  • The Montero
  • Extraction
  • The Pryce of Deception

How Many Chapters Does Aliens: Dark Descent Have?

Aliens: Dark Descent has 13 chapters, or missions, as they’re called, including the prologue. You’ll be taken to multiple areas on a planet infested with Xenomorphs. The moment you’re dropped into an area, you can choose how to proceed at your own pace. You’ll have to navigate through while avoiding encounters with Xenomorphs, as they will get more aggressive if you choose to go in guns blazing.

Each mission in Aliens: Dark Descent can take between 20 minutes up to a full hour each to complete. This will take some time, as some objectives can be really challenging, really pushing your ability to command a squad in real time strategy.

In between missions and chapters, you can upgrade your squad, giving them better gear, class specializations, and perks. This will help your squad function better, and you’re going to need it because you could potentially find a very useful member of your team permanently dead.