Aliens Fireteam Elite: All Promise to a Flower Intel Locations (Pathogen DLC)

Aliens Fireteam Elite Pathogen DLC All Promise to a Flower Scout Intel Locations

There are new hidden intels in the Aliens Fireteam Elite Pathogen DLC scattered around the map. The Pathogen DLC gives us a new campaign that’s divided into three different missions. They’re pretty easy to miss as they can be cleverly hidden. As part of our Aliens: Fireteam Elite guide, here are all the hidden intel in All Promise to a Flower campaign:

There are three intel collectibles that can be found in every mission for the All Promise to a Flower campaign. Here’s where you can find them all:

Promise to a Flower Mission #1: Scout

Intel: Broken Alphatech Rifle

At the start of the level, turn around and you’ll see the ship you came in from. Head towards the military crates and grab the intel just on the side of the ship where they’ve neatly set it all down.

Intel: Crusher Head Plate

When you need a second demo charge, make your way to the “Check Drop Zone Beta” area. It’s at the bottom left facing the door you’re trying to blow up. This will lead you to a hall that takes you outside. Descend down to the river and you’ll find it just by the large stone on the shore.

Intel: Cracked Statue Face

In the last phase of the mission where you have to hold out and prepare for battle, head down the stairs and go left. The intel is behind the tree with the stone slab on the ground in front of it.

Promise to a Flower Mission #2: Approach

Intel: Cracked Statue Face

From the area with the canyon where you’ll come across your first Engineer message, turn around from the message and head to the boulder at the distance. Then go left and enter the room. This intel is hard to spot as it blends in with the rocks on the ground but it’s right behind the entrance to the room.

Intel: Fossilized Corpse

After entering an area full of fossilized corpses, follow the path to the right. Then turn right once again to see a corpse on the ground leaning on the wall. Approach it and pick up the intel.

Intel: Mutated Growth

When you’re deploying the Signal Repeater, head to the right of the objective area instead. Just a bit beyond a stone slab is a mutated xenomorph remains which you can pick up as intel.

Promise to a Flower Mission #3: Strike

Intel: Spore Pod Bud

When you reach the area with explosive pods, head towards the left and follow the corridor to the end before turning right. You’ll find the Spore Pod Bud on top of some stairs, looking like a decayed tooth.

Intel: Brute Spine

When you’re at the area to deploy the Signal Repeater, head left past the objective marker. There is an opening that leads to a dead end. You’ll find the Brute Spine on the floor. It’s in front of a corpse that seems welded onto the wall.

Intel: Shed Chitin

Before you deploy the Sonic Emitter, head left past the objective marker and go around. You’ll find the Shed Chitin on the ground just before the ammo supply box. It blends in well with the spore-like pods on the ground so you’ll have to get close before you can notice it.

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