All Dredge Achievements

All the available achievements in Dredge

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Dredge is a game with a short story and a fairly mid-sized playthrough that involves fishing and dredging day in and day out. Throughout this cyclical routine through the cursed seas have a lot in store for players who are out to play for achievements and trophies.

Read ahead as we go through all of the available achievements in Dredge and share how to obtain them.

There are a total of 40 achievements that can be obtained in Dredge, 14 of which are hidden achievements.

Regular Dredge Achievements

Regular Dredge Achievements

  • Introductions – Complete the introduction quest.
  • Master Angler – Catch all known species of fish.
  • The Key – Deliver the Key.
  • Perfect Packing – Have a full cargo. It is not necessary to have an upgraded ship hull to get this achievement. It is easier to obtain this earlier in the game when there are fewer slots to fill.
  • Aberration Attractor – Catch all aberrations. Getting the occult fishing equipment such as the Sinew Spindle, Encrusted Talisman, or the Sign of Ruin from the DLC will add up to the chances of getting an aberration from a fishing spot. Using the Atrophy skill also almost always guarantees getting an aberration when used on a fishing spot.
  • Providence – Complete all side quests. One way or another.
  • Safe Havens – Visit every dock in the game. This includes the docks at campsites that are not marked on the map: O2, J3, F15, P10.
  • Feeling Prepared – Install equipment into every slot on your ship. It is not necessary to have a fully upgraded ship to get this achievement; it is easier to get this achievement early in the game when there are fewer slots to fill.
  • Researcher: Rods – Research all rods.
  • Researcher: Nets – Research all nets.
  • Researcher: Pots – Research all pots.
  • Researcher: Engines – Research all engines.
  • Lifted From the Deep – Catch 250 fish using rods.
  • Trapped by These Walls – Catch 100 crabs in crab pots.
  • Tangled in This Web – Catch 150 fish in trawl nets.
  • Lives for Profit – Sell a total of $2500 worth of fish. Cumulative throughout a single save file.
  • Cash for Gold – Sell a total of $1500 worth of trinkets. Cumulative throughout a single save file.
  • Careless Harvesting – Deplete a total of 25 fishing spots.
  • Swift Reaper – Have a combined fishing speed of 200%. Counts the final speed after calculating the active bonuses from the books.
  • No Time to Linger – Have a combined engine speed of 75kn. Counts the final speed after calculating the active bonuses from the books.
  • Light Up the Night – Have a combined light strength of 3000 lumens. It can be achieved as soon as you install an Incandescent Array (3×1, 3000 lumens).
  • Hull: Improved – Upgrade to the 2nd tier hull.
  • Hull: Refined – Upgrade to the 3rd tier hull.
  • Hull: Advanced – Upgrade to the 4th tier hull.
  • Unwanted – Discard 25 fish.
  • From the Depths – Obtain all other achievements. This includes the hidden achievements.
Hidden Dredge Achievements

Hidden Dredge Achievements

  • The Secret – Surrender the Music Box.
  • The Bond – Entrust the Ring.
  • The Chains – Relinquish the Necklace.
  • The Moment – Give up the Pocket Watch. Getting this will trigger the bad ending of the game.
  • Unshackled – Find use for the relics. Give all of the relics to The Collector and trigger the bad ending.
  • Sated – Throw it back. Do not give the final relic to The Collector, then visit the Old Mayor and the Lighthouse Keeper to trigger the good ending.
  • From the Fog – Hear a Foghorn echo. To get the foghorn echoes, sail out at night around The Marrows and look for the other “ships” at sea. Then, blow out your own foghorn (select it form the ability wheel) and the ship should reply back with its own foghorn even without getting too close to catch their aggro.
  • Prey Sighted – Spot a fish of each category through your Spyglass. You only need to point your spyglass at fishing spots that have fishes that belong to the 7 different categories. Special categories such as the Abyssal, Hadal, Mangrove, and Volcanic are often found within the other regions like in Stellar Basin (Abyssal and Hadal), Twisted Strand (Mangrove), and Devil’s Spine (Volcanic).
  • Mixed Results – Use Mixed Bait to attract 3 different species to a single spot. Mixed Bait can be obtained after completing The Bitter End pursuit and unlocking the bait crafting mechanic. Each Mixed Bait used can spawn a fishing spot that can have 1 to 3 different species of fish. Having the book bonuses that increase the chances of not depleting the fishing spot can help in getting this achievement faster.
  • Cruel Heat – Keep your Haste burn meter above 50% for 10 seconds. This achievement can be done by stopping and starting the Haste ability without overheating the engines.
  • Dimensional Bypass – Traverse a long distance with Manifest. It’s not required to sail to the farthest corners of the map. Going to a spot 5 squares away from Blackstone Isle is enough to get the achievement.
  • Banisher – Banish 10 threats. This achievement counts aggressive creatures that are out in the open such as the giant fish in Gales Cliffs, the ship angler fishes in The Marrows, or the Unseeing Mother in Devil’s Spine. Using the Banish ability on the small piranha or on the panic miasma does not count towards the achievement.
  • Unsustainable Fishing – Use Atrophy on a fishing spot a long way away. Locate a fishing spot, preferably one that is not close to another fishing spot like out in the open sea. Then, move far away from that fishing spot without losing it from your field of view (and getting close to another fishing spot) before using the Atrophy ability. If you don’t get the achievement, get closer to the fishing spot and try again until you find the right distance.
  • Servant of the Shrines – Solve all fish shrine puzzles. Complete all the rock slab shrines found in J9, P3, H2, and D13.

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