Dredge: How to get to The Pale Reach

Explore icy landscapes and discover the secrets of The Pale Reach in Dredge. Here's a guide on how to get there and start the DLC.

Dredge How to get to Pale Reach cover

The Pale Reach is an icy region added through Dredge’s titular expansion. It is a mysterious area that suddenly appeared close to the islands. Though it appears uninhabited, debris left on its ice shelves suggests that some people have once tried to explore it before. Read ahead as we talk more about The Pale Reach and share how to get to it in Dredge.

How to get to The Pale Reach

The Mayor's Message - Dredge The Pale Reach

To get to the Pale Reach, wait for the Mayor’s message which comes early on in the game. He will tell you about a photographer who you might have met before and that she went to the south.

Dredge The Pale Reach Map region

Once you check your map, you’ll see that there’s an entire new region south of the Gale Cliffs and the Stellar Basin only marked with a ?.

You can simply sail over to the region to reach the Pale Reach at any part of the main story, though it is recommended to have your boat sufficiently upgraded for the trip.

Dredge The Pale Reach Bleak Pontoon

Like in other regions, you’ll find the Bleak Pontoon where you will find the Travelling Merchant who was also drawn in to the sudden appearance of the icy region. She also offers new fishing gear that can catch Ice-type fishes. On top of that, she leads you to the Icy Worksite where she suspects that someone else tried to explore the area before and built an icebreaker to be able to navigate through the ice. This initiates the Icebreaker pursuit which is the start of the main story for the area.

To get the map for the area, you will need to complete The Narwhal pursuit first which will give you access to the Central Camp. From the Central Camp, go to the Frozen Cabin where you can find the map for the Pale Reach.

That covers every bit of detail on how to get to the The Pale Reach in Dredge. For more guides and pursuit walkthroughs, feel free to check out our main page for Dredge here.