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A complete guide for all of the available pursuits in Dredge

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Pursuits are the equivalent of quests in Dredge. These pursuits are often given by the residents living on the different islands in the game, and they are a good source of upgrades, research, and valuable materials. There are main pursuits that are tied to the game’s story progression, while there are also side pursuits that are optional and can be completed along the way.

Completing all pursuits will reward players with achievements such as the “Unshackled” and “Sated” achievements for both endings of the game and the “Providence” achievement for completing all side pursuits.

Read ahead as we go through all of the pursuits in Dredge, sharing details on where and from whom they can be obtained, and what can be expected when completing them.

Dredge Main Pursuits

Main Pursuits

These pursuits are tied to the story of the game and revolve around retrieving all of the relics that The Collector requires.

  • Grotesque Fish – This starts as soon as you get your first aberration. Your chances of getting one is high when fishing in spots that have a green mist floating on top. Once you catch the aberration, bring it back to the Fishmonger and he will give you the Handkerchief. Handing this Handkerchief over to The Collector will initiate his request to gather all the remaining relics. You will also unlock your first dredging equipment which allows you to dredge the Key relic from a shipwreck. Handing over the Key to The Collector will allow you to use the Haste ability.
  • Hermitage – Received from the Hermit in the Ruins of Gale Cliffs. It is a quest line involving the Hermit and his brother the Retired Whaler from Ingfell. This requires you to fish out a Family Crest from within the cliffs that is guarded by an aggressive fish. Completing this pursuit will unlock the Packed Explosives and allow you to get the Rusted Music Box relic. Handing over the Rusted Music Box to The Collector will allow you to use the Manifest ability.
  • Research Assistant – Received from the Research Assistant in the Stellar Basin. You will have to capture a bunch of specimens within and around the basin and deter the massive creature living in the basin depths. Completing this will reward you with the Jewel Encrusted Band relic. Handing over the Jewel Encrusted Band to The Collector will allow you to use the Banish ability.
  • The Bitter End – Received from the Airman in the Twisted Strand. You will have to gather parts of a Mortar that the Airman will use to eliminate the Mind Suckers, plus catch some fishes to use them as bait. After dealing with all of the Mind Suckers, you will unlock the bait crafting mechanic. You will also be rewarded with the Shimmering Necklace relic which you can give to The Collector to unlock the Atrophy ability.
  • Flames of the Deep – Received from the Fanatic in Devil’s Spine. In this pursuit, you will have to collect Fathomless Flames from the Shrines of the Deep by fulfilling their fish requirements. Prepare to bring explosives as there are a lot of areas blocked by debris. Once all the flames have been gathered, the Fanatic will then start his ritual. You will be rewarded with the Encrusted Talisman equipment and the Antique Pocket Watch relic. Before handing it over to The Collector, you may want to take a detour over to the island at P10 and visit the Old Mayor to get the choice to see both endings of the game.
Dredge Side Pursuits 1

Side Pursuits

These pursuits are optional quests that are given by other residents in the islands. They are usually fetch or delivery quests and completing them will reward you with different kinds of equipment, resources, and research parts for your boat. These pursuits can be done in any order as long as you can reach the NPC’s location. However, some of these quests require delivery of a certain item or person and the path between the destinations can be too treacherous and may risk a failed pursuit. Some quests also have a time limit from the time they get initiated.

  • Caught to Order – Received from the Fishmonger in Greater Marrow. The Fishmonger will have you catch a bunch of fishes leading up to the aberration request that you will need to start the Grotesque Fish main pursuit.
  • A Place to Rest – Received from the Builder after getting your first dredging equipment. She will ask you to help her get building materials delivered over to Steel Point island where she plans to live. After the delivery, you will have to transport her over to the island to complete the quest. You will be rewarded with 2 Research Parts and The Engineer’s Companion book.
  • Lost at Sea – Received from the Grieving Father in Little Marrow. He will ask you to retrieve the Bronze Belt Buckle that belonged to his late son. You will have to dredge at the shipwreck in L8 to retrieve the item. You will be rewarded with a Research Part by giving the item back to the Grieving Father.
  • Package Delivery – Received from the Mayor in Greater Marrow. He will ask you to deliver a package to the Dockworker in Little Marrow. You will be paid for making the delivery and rewarded with the Sustainable Fishing book.
  • Recording Rarities – Received from the Travelling Merchant in the various Pontoons in the other regions (first encountered in Gale Cliffs following the main quest). You will need to catch rare kinds of fishes from the different regions, namely: Oarfish from Gale Cliffs, Gulper Eel from Stellar Basin, Goliath Tigerfish from Twisted Strand, and Coelacanth in Devil’s Spine. There’s no need to deliver the fishes as you only need to report back to her after catching one of each. You will be rewarded with 2 Research Parts for every fish you catch.
Dredge Side Pursuits 2
  • Lost Dog – Received once you find the Lost Dog at Stellar Basin F2. In this pursuit, you will have to gain the trust of the dog first. Once the dog has trusted you, you will have to look for someone who would adopt it. You can simply sail over to the Research Assistant and she will adopt the dog for you.
  • Best Before – Received from the Ingfell Resident in Gale Cliffs. She requests that you give her a rotting Conger Eel. The spot where you can catch these eels is blocked off by debris, so bring explosives with you. Once you catch one, you will have to keep the eel on your boat until it reaches its rotting state, only then can you give it to the Ingfell Resident. You will be rewarded with $150.
  • Craven Courier – Received from the Courier in Greater Marrow I10. This is a delivery quest where you have to transport a 2×2 package back to the Dockworker at Little Marrow. There are no rewards for this quest, however this pursuit provides some interesting progression when it comes to the lore of the game.
  • Castaway – Received from the Castaway at the island in L10. All you need to do is to transport the Castaway to Little Marrow.
  • Stone Tablets – Received by locating one of the three stone tablets in Devil’s Spine. You can locate these tablets at N14, Q13, and P13. Bring explosives with you to clear the rubble. Once you have all the stone tablets, bring them over to the Trader in Little Town and they will merge into one tablet. Next, head to the Ancient Ruins at O15 and slot in the tablet on the door. You will then be able to get the Flame of the Sky equipment and some other valuable treasures.
Hooded Figure Side Pursuits - Dredge
  • Figure in Blue – Received from the Hooded Figure in M7. It will ask for you to catch a Blue Mackerel, a Tiger Mackerel, and a Snake Mackerel. Complete this quest and you will receive the Haggling and Bartering: A Guide book.
  • Figure in Gold – Received from the Hooded Figure in K2. It will ask for you to catch a Red Snapper, a Fangtooth, and a Blue Crab. Complete this quest and you will receive the Advanced Fishing book.
  • Figure in Purple – Received from the Hooded Figure in E10. It will ask for you to catch a Tarpon, a Horseshoe Crab, and a Barreleye. Complete this quest and you will receive the Pushing the Limit: Engines book.
  • Figure in Red – Received from the Hooded Figure in L14. It will ask for you to catch a Cusk Eel, a Sailfish, and a Frilled Shark. Complete this quest and you will receive the Nautical Engineering book.

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