All Mini-Games Locations in Like A Dragon: Ishin

All 10 Mini-Games found in Like A Dragon: Ishin!

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Mini-Games in Like A Dragon games are fun to play and offer some of the most unexpected sides of the famous characters. In Like A Dragon Ishin, there are a total of 10 popular activities that players can partake in. Read on, and this guide will show players all of the mini-games, where to find them, and more.

All 10 Mini-Games Locations

The Arena

  • Location: Mukurogai

Fighting Arena is an area where players take on multiple waves of enemies. This place can be found in Mukurogai and completing these fights earns Materials and Arena points which can be used to purchase a variety of items that can be used or sold for money

Wood Chopping

  • Location: Fushimi

At first, it will start as a substory, but later on, players can develop a chance to be friends with the old wood chopper. This mini-game can be found in the southeastern part, players can partake in chopping some wood in rhythmic movement and in return some money.

Buyo Dancing

  • Location: Rakunai

In Japan, Buyo Dancing is a form of dance done with a hand fan. Found at Nichibuza in Rakunai, players can partake in a rhythm game that is similar to karaoke. A very fun mini-game worth playing to ease the time and listen to popular music of Japan.

Gambling Galore

  • Location: Rakugai

There are Gambling Dens found in different parts of Kyoto mostly in Rakugai and that players can partake in. Games such as Koi-Koi, Oicho-Kabu, Cee-Lo, and more. If wanting to farm for more money is needed, then the gambling halls are now open for players to enjoy.

Scarecrow Chateau

  • Location: Mukurogai

There is a mansion found north of the bridge headed to Mukurogai. In that large house is a place similar to the Arena called Scarecrow Chateau where players can test their strength, endurance, and speed as well. There are a ton of challenges that players can partake in and will reward players with material and other rare items they can use in the game.

Chicken Racing

  • Location: Rakugai

Horse Racing is popular in Japan and in Like A Dragon Ishin, there is a popular mini-game called Chicken Racing which can be found in Rakuhai. In this race for the fastest chicken, players can choose which chicken is the fastest by placing bets. If guess right, players can earn tons of money.


  • Location: Fushimi

Since this is Meiji era Kyoto, there are a variety of places where players can fish at. Mostly found at Fushimi in the harbor bay area, players can take a boat to ship to different ocean fishing locations and catch a variety of seafood that they will need for cooking.


  • Location: Ryoma’s House in Another Life

In Chapter 4, players will unlock the Another Life feature where players can do a variety of house chores and one of them is Cooking. Players can use ingredients they have gathered from farming and fishing and make a variety of dishes by cutting vegetables, keeping the flame hot, and grilling fish. The more complicated the dish is, the higher the rating or quality of the dish will be made.


  • Location: Fushimi

As a fan favorite of man Like A Dragon games, the Karaoke mini-game makes its appearance once more. Like its predecessors, this popular rhythm game makes its return and brings a variety of popular Japanese songs like Baka Mitai and more, players can sing them solo or with a group.

Battle Dungeons

  • Location: Mibu

In Chapter 5, once Ryoma joins the Shinsengumi, players will be introduced to the special raids called Battle Dungeons. During these battles, players must use the power of their units or troop[ers and their unique abilities to fight mini-bosses and earn hefty amounts of rewards that they can use fully in the game.

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