Alone in the Dark (2024) Trophy List & Achievements

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Alone in the Dark (2024) is a reimagining of the 1992 survival horror game classic which served as a direct inspiration for the first Resident Evil game. In a style similar to that of Resident Evil’s dual protagonist system of old, players choose to play as either the client, Emily Hartwood, or the detective, Edward Carnby, as they unravel a case in Derceto Manor that involves a mysterious cult.

The Alone in the Dark achievement list has been out for some time now, and with the game releasing in a few weeks, it is time to talk about what we can expect from the upcoming survival horror game. There are a total of 38 trophies to collect on PlayStation 5. (37 achievements if you’re on the PC platform.) Many of these achievements are unlocked through story progression on the side of both protagonists.

Alone in the Dark Trophies & Achievements

  • Alone in the Dark: Earn all trophies (PlayStation only)
  • The Thin Veneer of Civilization: Break through a barrier
  • Whatever It Takes: Kill a monster with an opportunity
  • Come At Me!: Kill a monster with a melee weapon
  • Now You’re On the Trolley!: Kill a monster with a ranged weapon
  • On the Mend: Put a talisman socket back together
  • I Don’t Got All Night: Finish the game in 3 hours or less
  • An Honest Day’s Work: Play for more than 8 hours
  • Welcome to Derceto: Break into Derceto
  • In Between There Are Doors: Find your own talisman
  • Left Holding the Bag: Find Jeremy’s bag
  • Found and Lost: Talk to Jeremy in the chapel
  • Somewhere Else Entirely: Find the Convent of Taroella
  • Drop Me Off in New Orleans: Escape the Dark Man
  • Losing My Mind: Walk into the desert
  • Where I Belong: Return to Derceto
  • I Abandoned Him: Own up to your awful past
  • I Stole the Child and Let Him Drown: Own up to your awful past
  • When Therapy Makes It Worse: Break through the barriers of self-deceit
  • The Past as a Present: Get what you want
  • Frenzy: Enter hell
  • Back to Normal: Break the Pact with the Dark Man
  • Case Closed: Save New Orleans from the Black Goat
  • Safe and Sound: Save New Orleans from the Black Goat
  • Don’t Mind If I Do: Finish a Lagniappe set
  • Watch Out Where You’re Waving That Thing: Aim your gun at a human being
  • What Just Happened?: Give Grace a present
  • Nobody Knows What Happened: Consider ending it all
  • Radical Acceptance: Submit to the Dark Man
  • One of the Thousand Young: Join a cult
  • Bonfire Night: Kill an enemy with fire
  • Hard Boiled: Kill an enemy with shotgun
  • Gangster: Kill an enemy with tommy gun
  • You Can’t Keep Me Out!: Open all of the safes and locks in the game
  • Chatterbox: Talk to everybody about everything
  • Look at All the Free Stuff I Got!: Find all the lagniappes
  • Teetotaller: Finish the game without drinking from your flask
  • Librarian: Read all the clues

The Alone in the Dark trophy/achievement run realistically will require 2 to 3 playthroughs at the least. The game’s two playable characters both have trophies for completing the game, namely the Case Closed and Safe and Sound trophies for saving New Orleans from the Black Goat. If you’re speed-running the whole game, my best estimate is less than 20 hours for three full playthroughs.

The first two playthroughs are for all the collectibles, completing the talismans, and having all conversations with the various NPCs. You will also want to take this run relatively slow to ensure you get the ‘An Honest Day’s Work‘ trophy on the first try. You can save the speedrunning stuff on your next playthrough.

The third playthrough will be dedicated to the rest of the challenge trophies. Since there is no mention of difficulty trophies on the list, the closest thing to it is the ‘Teetotaller’ trophy for not drinking from the flask for the entire playthrough. Now that you’re familiar with what the game throws at you, you can both that trophy and the ‘I Don’t Got All Night‘ trophy for finishing the game in 3 hours or less. You can probably also do this on your second playthrough but I suspect that collectibles will be present for that character.

From the various trailers and previews, I can see that there are two parts to the ‘You Can’t Keep Me Out!‘ trophy. First, you need to find every safe and lock in the game. This shouldn’t be that hard considering you are there to investigate the mansion. The second part will be finding the keys. This might be tricky, so be prepared to look into some unsavory places to find misplaced keys.

I had no idea what lagniappes were before all of this. A quick search reveals that they are bonuses or small gifts. Apparently, it’s a Cajun word, but I’ll leave it at that. In the context of the game, however, this can mean several things. They appear to be small objects that have some meaning to the people inside the manor. One of these lagniappes I’ve seen in previews happens to be a mummified cat found in a shallow grave. Take that for what you will. You’ll need to collect all such objects for the ‘Look at All the Free Stuff I Got!‘ trophy.

I don’t know yet if it’s possible to miss any clues or if they are required to progress in the game. All I know right now is that you get the ‘Librarian‘ trophy for reading all the clues. You might want to consider this in your first playthrough.

Check back with us again soon for the full trophy list and how to get the platinum trophy for the game.

Alone in the Dark (2024) is set to release on March 20, 2024, on current-gen consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Steam and GOG).