Alone in the Dark (2024): How to Get the Hidden Attic Memory

A guide on how to unlock this secret cutscene in Alone in the Dark (2024)

Alone in the Dark Hidden Attic Memory cover

The Alone in the Dark remake has a special hidden scene involving Jeremy Hartwood, essentially the pivotal character of the game’s story, which explains as to why the remake’s story strayed off from the original story. Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to unlock the Hidden Attic Memory in Alone in the Dark.

How to unlock the Hidden Attic Memory in Alone in the Dark

In order to unlock the Hidden Attic Memory, you will need to complete The Hartwood Curse Lagniappe set which can be done as early as Chapter 3 and by playing through either one of the characters.

The Hartwood Curse Lagniappe set includes:

  1. Alone in the Dark: can be obtained from opening the safe in the clerk’s office using the code 9-1-3. Normally, the code won’t be discovered until Chapter 4, but you can input the code as early as Chapter 2 once you know it.
  2. Discarded Palette: can be obtained while in the Hateful Mound in Chapter 2. Go up a floor at the bridge house, and before going close to the window, look for a gap between the crates on the right side to find the lagniappe.
  3. Witness the Black Pharaoh: can be obtained in Gallatin Street in Chapter 3. After exiting the Pregzt warehouse and before entering the Black Pharaoh theater, go through the gate on the right side of the building to find the lagniappe on the wall.

After completing the lagniappe set, head up the attic and interact with the hanging noose to trigger a cutscene.

In this cutscene, we are shown Jeremy about to hang himself as he thought that it was the only way to save humanity from the looming destruction. However, he had a change of heart and wondered what would happen if he decided to live, bear the curse, and find a way to prevent the dark presence from destroying humanity.

Seeing the attic scene for the first time will unlock the Nobody Knows What Happened Achievement.

Alone in the Dark Secret Cutscene Explained

Alone in the Dark Hidden Attic Memory Scene Explained

This attic scene is actually a look at what happened to Jeremy prior to the events of both the original game and the remake. In the original game, Jeremy followed through and hung himself, which was what prompted Emily and Edward to go to Derceto and investigate his death. In the remake, Jeremy lived and continued to suffer his breakdown due to the curse which was what pushed him to send a letter to Emily, as shown in the prologue Grace in the Dark.

Essentially, this event was where the events branched off to form a new continuity which is now the story of the Alone in the Dark remake.

The scene also sort of breaks into the fourth wall when Jeremy says “I’m sorry, Frédérick.” Although it wasn’t further explained who Frédérick was, it can be assumed that the person Jeremy was referring to was Frédérick Reynal, the creator of the original Alone in the Dark game.

There is another scene during Chapter 4 where the main character jumps off from the steamboat into the treatment room of Derceto where Dr. Gray and Jeremy are having a therapy session. In this session, Jeremy also mentioned that Frédérick needed him to die thirty years ago, which was around the same time that the original game came out back in 1992 based on the real-life timeline.

It could be that Jeremy was able to “talk” to Frédérick the same way he was able to talk to Jacob Van Ostadte. Jeremy was able to create Jacob as a figment of his mind by reading the book that Jacob wrote, and one of the lagniappes that can be found in the game is a copy of the Alone in the Dark book, albeit it’s missing a good chunk of its lower half. The book’s cover art is the same cover art that the original game had, and although the author is not shown, we could safely guess that this book was written by Frédérick in this universe.