Amazon Developed MMO New World Bricking Certain GeForce 3090 Cards

It seems EVGA cards are affected mostly.

New World

Amazon’s newly launched open beta for its MMO New World just got problematic with reports of bricking certain video cards.

It was reported from various sources that New World is bricking select Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 graphics cards for some reason. Players have been reporting critical GPU issues when running the game. The most common ones from both the subreddit and forums of the game were PC players who have EVGA’s FTW3 model 3090 installed. By the way, if you need any help in New World – feel free to check out Leprestore’s New World Boosting Services.

Twitch streamer Gladd posted on its official Twitter account that his EVGA 3090 graphics card got “fried” while playing the game. Some suggest that this could be a flaw from the card itself.

A Reddit user shared their experience saying that their graphics card performed fine, but their partner’s EVGA graphics card crashed several times while playing the game. Another user revealed that it ran fine for 30 minutes, but afterwards, the fans suddenly “shot up to 100% right after a black screen”. After that, the PC could not recognize the graphics card, which means it was totally bricked. It must have felt like a horror scene unfolding in front of them as they helplessly watched their cards die.

Other users revealed that problem might be the game’s menus. One user said that their card got bricked after they set the graphics quality to medium and then hit save. Another user even stated that they heard a loud “pop” and then the card shorted out. Some are even saying it is the uncapped frame rate and other theories.

EVGA, Nvidia, and Amazon have not given any statement yet in regards to this crazy issue. The support FAQ of the game does say that the game can cause some graphics cards to suddenly jump to 99 percent load. For now, the issue of bricking 3090 cards due to playing New World is still a mystery and no permanent fix is in sight.

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