Amnesia: The Bunker Endings Explained

Learn the different endings in Amnesia: The Bunker.

Amnesia The Bunker Ending cover

Amnesia: The Bunker is the newest game from Frictional Games and the fourth game in the Amnesia franchise. Players follow the story of Henri Clement, a French soldier who wakes up inside a bunker with no recollection as to how he got there. As he explores the bunker and tries to find a way out, he realizes that most of the people inside the bunker have been brutally killed and that he is also being stalked by some creature who is presumably behind all the deaths.

Read ahead as we go through the different endings of Amnesia: The Bunker and talk about how to achieve each ending.

True Ending: The Beast dies

Amnesia The Bunker True Ending: The Beast dies

In the final part of the game, you will come across a bridge system on top of a huge chasm. All these bridges connect to each other and lead to the other end of the chasm, where the exit is. While some of the bridges are made of concrete, some are just wooden bridges that can be broken. You can lure the Beast to stand on one of these wooden bridges by placing the rabbit toy on top of it, or do a well-timed explosion while the Beast is running over it.

Once the Beast falls into the chasm, the path up ahead crumbles, allowing you to climb over it and reach the exit. As you fall into a puddle, surrounded by the corpses of fallen soldiers, you will then hear the shouts coming from the German soldiers, who possibly saw your escape from afar or got alerted by the explosion you made in the tunnels.

Alternate Ending: The Beast lives and escapes

During the same part of the game, you can still make your way to the exit without having to make the Beast fall to its death. To do this, you will have to reach the other end of the chasm and use the two crates to create a staircase for you to climb over the wall (the wall remains intact while the Beast is alive). This may sound easy, but the Beast will be constantly chasing you throughout this ordeal. You will have to outwit and outrun it by leading it through the bridges while creating traps or obstacles to slow it down.

Once you make it over the wall and to the exit, you will fall into the same puddle, but you will also see the Beast come out of the cave. Luckily, it appears to be distracted by all the bloodshed in the area. However, it appears that the weather during that day is just gloomy enough that it isn’t bothered by the light as it decides to run off somewhere. You will still hear the shouts of the German soldiers coming your way, but we can only assume that they also spotted the Beast and were instead alerted by its sighting.

Henri’s Fate

Considering that both endings just ended with Henri just lying down in the puddle as the German troops close in on his position, his fate is left to the players’ speculation of what happens next. Will he pretend to be a corpse and avoid detection? Will he get caught by the enemy and be captured, or will he be shot on sight? Who knows?

Who is the Beast?

Although it was not specifically stated in the game, the Beast is actually Henri’s friend and comrade, Augustin Lambert, who transformed into this ravenous creature. It appears that Augustin has mutated into a rat-like creature with heightened senses of sight and hearing.

During one of Augustin’s patrols, he fell into a hole in the ground and wasn’t able to report back to his troop due to his injuries. Because of his guilt, Henri, who won a bet that made Augustin go on patrol duty, went and searched for his friend. Henri later found Augustin in the crater and helped him out, but not before giving his friend some water to drink—water that was assumed to be taken from the puddle nearby based on the sounds.

Henri managed to take Augustin out of the hole, but the two were immediately spotted by enemies, and both were knocked out by an explosion. Miraculously, Henri found himself in an infirmary underground, all patched up. It was later revealed that Augustin somehow regained his strength and carried Henri back to safety. It was not clear if it was the exposure to the hole or if the water itself was what gave Augustin his strength back, but whatever it was, it also slowly mutated him into the Beast.

Augustin eventually succumbed to the transformation and massacred all the people in the bunker, except for Henri, who we can assume was spared with what little humanity was left in his friend. That little sliver of humanity can still be seen whenever Augustin sees the rabbit toy, which is assumed to be his (or possibly his child’s) as it was found in the same place where Augustin fell into.

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