Amnesia: The Bunker – How to Get Through the Rat Tunnels

Amnesia The Bunker rat tunnels featured

The Rat Tunnels in Maintenance are infested with rats, making it almost impossible to go through without taking some damage. You don’t want rats anywhere near you, as they can hurt Henri, causing him to bleed everywhere and attracting even more rats to his position and the Beast.

How to Get Through the Rat Tunnels in Amnesia: The Bunker?

The best way to get through the rat tunnels is by using the torch to scare the rats away. By waving the torch in front of them, rats will temporarily leave the tunnels, allowing you to pass through unharmed.

Go ahead and craft torches by using a piece of cloth and a stick, which are usually easy to find. You need to get the lighter to use torches, which can be found in Giraud’s locker in the Mission Storage hub. Once you find Giraud’s dog tag, go back to his locker to get it.

You can find the rat tunnels when you reach the Workshop in Maintenance. There’s a tunnel that connects it to the hallway above the Storage Hub. Since the main path is blocked, you won’t have a choice but to go through the rat tunnels.

Keep in mind that once you scare off the rats in the tunnels using the torch, they will come back later. You can prevent this by burning the bodies in the tunnel by pouring gasoline or throwing a molotov if you have spares, so you can come back after without having to worry about the rats. There’s a Fuel Storage near the Storage Hub across the rat tunnels, making it easy to craft molotovs.

Scare the rats away with torches - Get Through the Rat Tunnels in Amnesia The Bunker

If you don’t have a torch, you can use the gas grenades to kill the rats in the tunnels before passing. However, you’ll either have to wait for the gas to subside or use the gas mask to go through. You’ll also have to throw in a couple because the gas radius usually won’t be enough to reach all of them.

You can use grenades to kill the rats for good. Though, like the gas grenades, you’ll have to throw in a couple. While killing rats is good for passing through permanently, grenades emit a loud sound, which can lead the beast to investigate your location, putting you in danger. We don’t recommend shooting them with your revolver or shotgun because of how valuable ammunition is in this game.

There are three dead soldiers in the rat tunnels; make sure to pick up their dog tags for potential locker codes. You could find some extremely useful items when you go back to the Central Bunker.

Dog tags in the rat tunnels - Amnesia the Bunker

Crossing the rat tunnel will allow you to access the Pillbox and the other rooms next to it. You can also open the door in the Changing Room so you don’t have to go through the tunnels again. You’ll have to shoot the lock, though, which could attract the Beast.