Amnesia: The Bunker The Trenches Walkthrough

This guide will go through the events of The Trenches mission in Amnesia: The Bunker.

Amnesia The Bunker The Trenches cover

The Trenches is the first mission of Amnesia: The Bunker and it serves as the tutorial section of the game. In this mission, players are introduced to the protagonist, Henri Clement, and his friend, Augustin Lambert, as they try to survive an enemy attack by going through the trenches in the battlefield. Read ahead as we go through The Trenches mission in Amnesia: The Bunker and share some tips on how to complete the mission.

Amnesia: The Bunker The Trenches Walkthrough

You start the mission already in the middle of a fight. Simply follow the path up ahead until you reach a door leading into a shelter. Inside, you will find boxes of bullets that contain 1 bullet each. Make sure to pick them up and load them into the chamber of your gun.

Exit through the other door of the shelter and continue down the path until you get to a locked gate. Look for a heavy brick nearby and throw it at the gate twice to smash it open.

As you move down the trenches, you will encounter some enemies. Quickly hide behind the sandbags first, then try to shoot the enemies as they show up. Lambert shows up after a few shots to help finish off the rest of the enemies, then you can proceed to the next shelter.

By the time that you reach the next shelter, you will be bleeding a lot. Inside the shelter are two pieces of cloth. Take both, then open your inventory to craft them into a Bandage. Use the Bandage on yourself to regain some health back. Afterwards, go around the table and crouch down to get to the next area.

You will find grenades in the next shelf you see; take them and use one to blow up the locked door up ahead.

Back outside, your path will be blocked again by another barricade. However, there is an explosive barrel just on the other side of it. Shoot the barrel from a safe distance to blow the barricade up.

As you move through the next trench, poison gas grenades will be thrown your way. Continue moving forward to trigger a cutscene where Lambert comes to your aid and gives you a gas mask.

After the cutscene, you will find yourself searching for Lambert. You will reach a hole where you find Lambert stuck unconscious below it. Another short cutscene will play, then as you try to run away from the enemy while carrying Lambert, you get knocked out by an explosion.

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