Bioware Reveals Plans for Changes on Anthem Loot System

Game studio Bioware recently shared their plans for making changes on video game Anthem.

The plans specifically focus on the loot system of the game, which will be more player-friendly and enjoyable. Bioware Austin Director Christian Dailey revealed the outline of these changes and one of those is the increase in frequency of loot drops.

Here are the highlights from the blog post:

Satisfying Loot Experience

A good player experience depends on the loot system being extensible and robust, and a lot can go wrong. A lot did go wrong. We fell short here and we realized that building something new from the ground up was going to be required – starting with taking a long look and understanding the best in class of the many great games that inspire us. Based on this research, along with your thoughts and feedback, we planned some high-level goals and changes we wanted to try:

  • Respect Your Time
    • Increase the frequency of Loot Drops
    • Loot is viable more often; All items are better and more competitive, but there’s still a chance of getting something exceptional
    • All loot rarities have strategic value throughout progression
  • Embrace Choice
    • You can pursue specific loot without relying on randomness alone; Quests; Specialized Vendors; Unique Loot Tables
    • Modify your loot, including rerolling inscriptions and leveling up items
  • Create a Rewarding Loot Experience
    • Loot feels exciting and more noticeable when it drops, and is celebrated when collected
    • Rare enemies (aka “walking treasure chests”) create exciting moments to get a burst of loot all at once
  • Keep it Accessible and Immediate
    • Reveal and equip loot right away
    • Complete revamp of the equipment sheet – including a detailed stat sheet (not shown) 
    • The equipment sheet can be accessed from anywhere, allows you to easily see what you have equipped in each slot
  • Reliability of Equipment and Rewards
    • Each item has an inscription “budget”, based on its Power and Rarity 
    • No more useless items because they were missing must-have inscriptions (see “Increased weapon dmg by +225%”)
    • Exceptional items are about getting the exact types of bonuses you want, instead of maxing values on every bonus
  • Scale for the Future
    • Your power cap can be easily increased, and the loot system scales accordingly
    • Advanced telemetry data allows us to identify trends and make meaningful balance changes

Aligning around these goals has really helped us focus on the right priorities as we continue iterating and seeing the progress in our internal playtesting. It is early days though and we will continue to test and experiment over the coming months, hopefully with your feedback. 

Other Areas of Exploration 

In addition to loot and equipment, there are some really good improvements to the feel and types of items we are supporting. Gunplay is overall more responsive with enemies reacting to hits near instantly with improved client-side prediction, we are looking into the role of melee items and builds, and of course, being able to spend skill points to unlock new types of equipment and synergies. One of the things I am most excited about is seeing all the awesome new weaponry concepts based on our factions.

The most notable detail from the outline is the frequency of the loot drops and how to make it more appealing to players. The changes will now make looting a more rewarding experience compared to the original version.

Hopefully more changes are coming to this game, which had great potential at first but ultimately flopped after it failed to appeal to the gamers. This outline is a good start.

Anthem is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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