Anthem Plans For Thorough Changes Reveals New Progress Update

BioWare Austin studio director Christian Dailey updated everyone about what the studio is doing right now for Anthem and the condition of the staff right now.

Anthem studio affected by pandemic

Dailey revealed that the studio has been affected by the new working conditions that they have implemented due to the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone has been working at home and working on making those big changes for the game.

The director shared that the next phase of the game is still in an experimental phase because the developers are still trying out different new ideas. They name the process incubation, a term that they use internally. They are going back and experimenting or prototyping the ideas they have come up with and improve on areas they think needs to be upgraded.

We really want this experience to be different for the team and our players, but we know we have some tough challenges to tackle. We want to include you as we go and be open and honest with where we are at and what the expectations are with where we are going. The reality is you will see things that look awesome but end up on the cutting room floor or things that you might think suck that you feel we are spending too much time on – but in the spirit of experimentation this is all OK. We really want to provide you all the transparency we can because of your passion and interest in Anthem. But, with that comes seeing how the sausage is made – which is not always pretty by the way.

That means that the overhaul will take a long time to do and everyone will have to wait in the meantime. As long as the results are better, then the wait is worth it.

The game is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Official Blog