Apex Legends 2022 Anniversary Collection Event – Free Legends, Skins and More

Anniversary Collection Even AL 2022

In celebration of Apex Legends’ third anniversary, Respawn Entertainment is handing out several free Legends and other free loot.

The Developers have decided to do things a little differently in Season 12, or “Defiance”. Instead of an in-game event to mark the date, players will receive “login rewards” for the month of February.

Apex 2022 Collection Event
Free Legends and Packs just for logging in.

When is the Apex Legends Anniversary event?

The Apex Legends 2022 Anniversary event will take place at the start of Season 12 – “Defiance” which will premiere on February 8th, 2022.

Beginning on February 8, players will be able to collect a fresh set of rewards each week for the next three weeks simply by logging in to the game.

What to Expect During the Apex Legends 2022 Anniversary Event?

Octane, Wattson, and Valkyrie will all be unlocked for free as part of a special Respawn offer to players. There are three Thematic Packs each week, and the final week features a Legendary Pack.

As of the start of Season 12, players will receive three weeks of rewards. The following is a scheduled list of all of the available rewards:

  • Week 1 (February 8, 10am PT– February 15, 9:59am PT) – Octane & Three Thematic Packs
  • Week 2 (February 15, 10am PT – February 22, 9:59am PT) – Wattson & Three Thematic Packs
  • Week 3 (February 22, 10am PT – March 1, 9:59am PT) – Valkyrie & Three Thematic Packs + One Legendary Pack

If you’ve already unlocked the legends, you’ll still get the Thematic packs and the Legendary pack.

2022 Anniversary Event Skins Apex Legends

It’s hard to tell if any of the anniversary-themed skins will be available for purchase as Respawn’s usual anniversary format has been replaced by free incentives. But based on leaks, here’s a sneak peek at the possible 2022 Anniversary Event Skins for Apex Legends:

It gives us a complete picture of what theme they are going to use for the event based on these leaks. The majority of skins feature a combination of green, brown, and white, with blue, chrome, and other accent colors thrown in for good measure.

Apex Legends Rumors New Laser Sights and Explosive Hop-Up

Respawn is reportedly working on a “explosive” hop up and Laser Sights for multiple weapons, according to a new Apex Legends leak.

Apex Legends Rumors New Laser Sights and Explosive Hop-Up

As Respawn Entertainment is getting ready to release new content for Apex Legends in the near future, players are already speculating about what new content will be included in Apex Legends Season 12 when it launches this February 8th.

Although this is the case, data miners are trying to find any clues in the game’s files ahead of these updates. And lucky for us, one of them discovered that a new set of weapons could be added to the game.

Trusted leaker KralRindo has revealed which weapons the attachments are for after finding a reference to an explosive hop up as well as laser sights.

He points out several lines of code that read “LASER SIGHTS” and list the guns they appear to be compatible with. The following weapons have Laser Sight code assigned to them:

  • RE45
  • Volt SMG
  • R99
  • P2020
  • Prowler
  • Wingman

Watch this video by Thordan Smash for more information about this rumored Laser Hop-up.

Apex Mad Maggie
Mad Maggie

Apex Legends Season 12 New Character

“Defiance,” the next season of Apex Legends, features Mad Maggie as the game’s newest Legend. We’ll just have to wait and see what the developers have in store for the anniversary, as there’s still plenty of time for them to make additional announcements. So stay tuned for our updates!

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