Apex Legends Earnings New Milestone Reached and Still Growing

Just shows how successful this game is and how it will gain more in the future.

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EA has recently released its financial report for 2022 and one of the highlights was Apex Legends that has garnered earnings that reach billions of dollars.

In the company’s financial report, EA revealed that Respawn Entertainment’s live service game is so successful that it now has surpassed lifetime net bookings of $2 billion USD. And to make it even better, they earnings are still growing.

“Our healthy live services growth was driven by strength across our broad-based portfolio, mostly notably by Apex Legends and FIFA,” said EA Executive Chris Shuh. “Apex Legends is up over 40 percent for the year, taking it past the $2bn milestone in lifetime net bookings.”

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Shuh has also praised the recent season and calls it the “most successful ever”. He has also confirmed that the tests for the mobile version of the popular game is now working well. He also notes that the global launch will be happening soon, which should be later this month.

The latest new season, Saviors, is also expected to do well and it has already garnered quite the praise from some critics. With the continued success of Apex Legends, it could still go on longer and possibly gaining more audiences in the future.

/tag/apex-legendsApex Legends is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.