Apex Legends Escape Gameplay Trailer Showcases Storm Point Map

Visit Storm Point, a place where wishes come true and monsters come out of nowhere.

Respawn Entertainment has recently released the newest Apex Legends Escape gameplay trailer and it features the newest “terrifying” map Storm Point and more.

The gameplay trailer first features the new map Storm Point where there are tons of dangers to encounter along the way. It advertises itself to be a place where dreams come true, but it is full of danger, monstrous creatures, and technology that you must not be touching at all. According to the official website, it is the largest map for the game, about 15 percent bigger than World’s Edge. It offers giant mountain slides, Gravity Cannons, and new points of interest.

apex legends escape gameplay trailer

Players will be encountering different kinds of Wildlife creatures that are out to kill every legend they find. There are numerous Wildlife Nests in the new map and it offers a new gameplay experience for fans. These creatures are Prowlers, Spiders, and Flyers.

There are several points of interest to visit too that might have tons of loot to discover. These locations are the Barometer, Command Center, The Antenna, Checkpoint, Lightning Rod, Storm Catcher, North Pad, The Mill, Shipfall, Conote Cave, The Wall, Highpoint, Thunder Watch, Cascade Falls, and many more.

The trailer features the new Legend Ash and showcases some of her new moves. Her Tactical Ability is the Arc Snare that allows her to throw a spinning snare that damages and tethers the first enemy who gets too close. Her Passive Ability is Marked for Death, which allows her to see the location of recent deathboxes and can mark the attackers who survived. Her Ultimate Ability is Phase Breach, which gives her the power to tear open a one-way portal to a targeted location.

The C.A.R SMG was also showcase, which is a great addition to the gun arsenal. It is a very versatile weapon to use in combat whether in long or short ranges.

Apex Legends is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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