Apex Legends – New Limited Event War Games Detailed

Ready to get back into the Apex Games?

Respawn Entertainment is a gift that just keeps giving! Do you ever even remember a time when Apex Legends wasn’t in some event? Well, here comes another one!

Introducing the War Games Event!

Get ready for destruction as Apex Legends introduces five new modes for this event. Coming April 13th of this month, jump back into the battlefield with all new rules that change the way you play the game.

  • Shield Regen – Legends will have the ability to regenerate their shields presumably without the use of a shield cell or battery. Think Octane’s passive ability, but for shields. Speaking of which, what’s going to happen to our favorite junkie? His shield and health are going to regenerate at the same time?
  • Killing Time – get ready to move fast and kill fast cause that ring time is going to be shrinking after every kill. With 60 players in each match dying too fast, you’ll be finding Recon Legends such as Crypto very useful as the location of the next ring will no doubt be a deciding factor for quick positioning.
  • Auto Banners – no time to pick up your friend? Don’t be burdened anymore! If your friend is out, their banner is automatically in your hands. Makes you think that Crypto’s drone might lose a little utility for this event.
  • Ultra Zones – don’t you hate it when everyone drops at the hot zone? Who the hell likes sharing? Well this time, you got plenty of places for legendary and rare loot with three ultra zones to divide the player base. Just make sure to eliminate the competition trying to loot on what’s rightfully yours.
  • Second Chance – knocked out too soon? Well you’re blessed (and cursed) with a second chance that brings you back into the fight if you die once. Keep in mind, that goes the same for the poor shmucks you have to kill. More work. Oh well, you only live twice in Apex Legends.

The War Games Event will take place for two weeks! So plenty of time to get into the action. No doubt there will be plenty of rewards for those willing to invest time and spend a little cash for cosmetics.

If you’ve noticed, this events are all suited to a more aggressive battlefield. True to Fuse’s background and theme, this event will surely inspire carnage, destruction, and senseless fun as you run around gunning your way to the top.

Think you’re ready? See you in the arena!