Apex Legends: Servers Are Down Following New Update

Apex Legends servers down, I repeat, it's down!

UPDATE: 09:35PM Pacific / September 14

Respawn just gave out an update that the issue has been resolved.

UPDATE: 04:19 PM Pacific / September 14

Some players were able to log in but it seems that the server is still acting up. A lot of players are still affected by the outage. Will update this article once we get further developments of the situation.

Original Story

Players hoping to play Apex Legends will, unfortunately, encounter some trouble with the servers. After the latest patch from Respawn Entertainment, there have been reported issues by players all around experiencing connecting into the game. And all of this has been revealed to be tied into the latest update.

Are Apex Legends Servers Down After the New Update?

Yes, the Apex Legends servers are down on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

The newest patch 10.1 introduces some big changes into the game, including the all-new Rampart event. What seems to be a routine event patch coming actually came with several issues that cause people to experience problems with EA’s servers.

Developers at Respawn Entertainment have already confirmed knowledge of this issue and are working to fix it. It’s unknown how long it will take for them to fix it.

What’s the error?

Apex Legends players are getting the Attempting Connection error. “Attempting Connection (1/9)” to “Attempting Connection (9/9)” appear on the loading screen every time you exit the game, and it just keeps reloading but unable to retrieve matchmaking list. It takes more than five minutes to reconnect to the lobby.

It’s difficult to enjoy a game when you have to wait so long to get into one. Players might think it’s a connectivity issue but internet connection works fine on all other games.

For those wanting to enter the arena, you may have to wait for the next hotfix to drop by. You have to admit though: It’s a bit ironic that the character known for tinkering with objects had her event be the reason for the Apex Legends servers going down.

We will be updating this article once we have news.