Apex Legends Season 16 Revelry Character Tier List

Season 16 does appear to shake the meta up quite a bit.

Apex Legends Season 16 Deathmatch Standoff

There are no bad Legends in Apex Legends. That is a fact. However, some Legends are better in more situations compared to others. That is also a fact. But it goes without saying that if you really love a Legend’s playstyle, then don’t feel pressured to play anyone else because the meta is shifting in that direction.

In this tier list, we’ll go rank all the Legends from best to worst ahead of Season 16. This is with the Class and character changes already in for consideration. The main thing about this list is how a Legend’s kit performs under various conditions. Obviously, player skill will not be factored into this list.

Apex Legends Season 16 Character Tier List




Octane, Wraith, Catalyst


Bloodhound, Pathfinder, Horizon, Valkyrie, Caustic, Mad Maggie, Newcastle


Seer, Loba, Ash, Gibraltar, Fuse, Vantage, Wattson


Revenant, Bangalore, Rampart, Crypto


Lifeline, Mirage

S-Tier Legends


  • Class: Skirmisher
  • Season 15 pick rate: 11.4%

Octane embodies the Apex experience. The speedster might not be the most popular pick in the highest of ranks, but he is seen in practically all other skill levels and game modes. The nerfs to the jump pad didn’t dissuade Octane mains in the slightest.

The stim is the primary reason why Octane takes the top spot, apart from being a fun mechanic, the amount of benefits he receives upon use far outweighs the loss of a bit of health. Expect him to remain a common sight in Season 16.


  • Class: Skirmisher
  • Season 15 pick rate: 10.1%

Wraith is a case of the best getting even better. Along with her small profile and escape capabilities, her portals are going to be buffed to the point that she can travel a further distance more quickly before putting it down. This has the potential for some insane rotations. But even without the buffs, she’ll still be a common pick in most Apex matches.


  • Class: Controller
  • Season 15 pick rate: 1.9%

Catalyst is hands down the best pick in the Controller Class. The level of control Catalyst asserts on the battlefield rivals that of Caustic. But the momentum quickly shifts in her favor the moment Catalyst puts down her Ultimate. And if she’s around a doorway, a really good player is nearly invincible.

The deciding factor as to why Catalyst is S-tier is that she works really well even in open spaces. As long as her Ultimate is active.

A-Tier Legends


  • Class: Recon
  • Season 15 pick rate: 8.2%

Bloodhound had a change to their kit recently. The Hunter will no longer have a reliance on their scan. Instead, a White Raven will appear guiding them to the enemy. We don’t know how much of an effect it’ll have just yet. So, I’m playing it safe and putting them on A-tier.

Obviously, the heavy nerf to Seer leaves the door wide open to a return to S-tier. Only time will tell if that is the case.


  • Class: Skirmisher
  • Season 15 pick rate: 9.4%

Pathfinder was already a popular pick in Season 15 on account of his movement tech. But now with the buffs to the zipline, expect to see see more Pathfinders in all levels of play. It might not be enough to push the walking fridge over the edge to S-tier but it’ll do. Slightly bummed that he’s losing the ability to fully charge the zipline after scanning a beacon.


  • Class: Skirmisher
  • Season 15 pick rate: 7.6%

Despite going down a rank, in my opinion, Horizon remains a top pick for all the players that main her. Horizon players are crafty that way, and with the change that sees Legends going up the gravity lift faster, this can be seen as a welcome change for getting around.

When you look at it that way, maybe it was worth losing the ability to shoot while going up the elevator. But I’m sure the best of the best will find ways regardless.


  • Class: Skirmisher
  • Season 15 pick rate: 5.1%

Valkyrie is going to be the go-to movement Legend in team-based plays. Her ability to launch the team into the air and cover large distances is still second to none. At least for the start of Season 16. I’m guessing Valkyrie’s pick rate will be unchanged in the near future.


  • Class: Controller
  • Season 15 pick rate: 2.3%

Caustic is arguably one of the best Controller Legends in the class. His gas remains a solid option in close quarters and end-game scenarios. To this day, many players still hesitate to push a fully entrenched Caustic. And for good reason.

The only keeping him in A-tier is the fact that mobility Legends instantly have the upper hand once he’s out of his zone of control.

Mad Maggie

  • Class: Assault
  • Season 15 pick rate: 2.2%

Mad Maggie is on a tear lately. The buffs she received last season really put her in the “sleeper top pick” category. Unfortunately, that’s only something that comes into play in the higher ranks of Apex. And because of that, you don’t really see much of her in low-ranked or in casual play.


  • Class: Support
  • Season 15 pick rate: 1.5%

I’m calling right now. Newcastle is a must-pick in the Support role. He was already stupidly broken before season 16 and he might have free reign as the go-to support in the next season. If his pick rate goes up dramatically higher, I might not have any other choice but to put him in S-tier.

B-Tier Legends


  • Class: Recon
  • Season 15 pick rate: 2%

And the curse struck again. Not long after receiving his heirloom, Seer got hit by nerfs in every direction. We can’t really say this for certain until things start settling down a couple of weeks after the season launches but seeing how Valkyrie’s usage rate went down after receiving nerfs to her kit. Which coincidently occurred after the release of her heirloom. (Coincidence, I think not!)

Season 16 doesn’t look for Seer. Until proven otherwise, he’s firmly going to be on B-tier.


  • Class: Support
  • Season 15 pick rate: 4.2%

Between her and Lifeline, most players will choose Loba most of the time. In most maps like Construction on World’s Edge, Loba’s Black Market is amazing. Your team gets to choose what they want and not have to rely on the RNG gods for a favorable mod. While being location-based, it’s still miles better than a fully telegraphed drop pod descending onto the map.

If she can pick up banners as she did on mobile (RIP), then she’s deserving of a much higher ranking.


  • Class: Assault
  • Season 15 pick rate: 3%

Ash is a good pick if you want to stay mobile and her throwing star trap is a wonderful tool against mobility legends. But what elevates her profile on this list is her passive ability to track the team responsible for the loot box on the map. She fills the role of both Assault and Recon quite handily under certain conditions. She’s be no doubt be A-tier or above if her movement wasn’t tied to her Ultimate.


  • Class: Support
  • Season 15 pick rate: 1.7%

Gibraltar being assigned to the Support class might just be the best thing to happen to him in forever. Shame that people have to choose between him or Newcastle for the support role but at least he has a dome shield that can protect him while he’s crafting a fallen banner.

the problem is, his bubble still pops against the Wrecking Ball. And with Mad Maggie being a popular pick as she is, you’re going to have to really love the Legend if you wish to take his talents to ranked play.


  • Class: Assault
  • Season 15 pick rate: 3.2%

The best reason to pick up Fuse is for grenade spam. And with Rampage back as floor loot, it looks like hoarding thermite grenades is finally a viable strat. The reason I don’t rank Fuse higher on the list is that his Ultimate is countered by every Skirmisher class legend in the game. It’s also worth noting that knuckle clusters aren’t good besides being a deterrent.


  • Class: Recon
  • Season 15 pick rate: 2.9%

Vantage is the jack-of-all-trades of Legends. She has excellent mobility with the help of her bat friend and a third long-range weapon she can equip as soon as she has enough Ult charge for one shot. Also, out of all of the maps in the current rotation, she’s a favorable pick on World’s Edge.


  • Class: Controller
  • Season 15 pick rate: 2.3%

No other Legend in the game is more affected by the map rotation than Wattson. In maps where there are vast open spaces, she’ll find limited use 9 times out of 10. But seeing as the current rotation this season includes Broken Moon and Storm Point, be prepared to see more door traps than you normally would.

This season the map rotation we’re going to have the following maps: Broken Moon, Storm Point, and World’s End.

C-Tier Legends


  • Class: Assault
  • Season 15 pick rate: 2%

Revenant is still going to be a situational pick for most cases. The reason why he’s not lower on the list is that the current map rotation is a little friendlier to his particular set of abilities compared to when the rotation had Olympus. The rail systems of Broken Moon are the kind of pairing that really works well with the Revenant Totem.


  • Class: Assault
  • Season 15 pick rate: 5.5%

Bangalore is the kind of Legend I occasionally fall back on when I don’t have any idea who I want to play in that current match. Her kit is incredibly new player friendly and has no real downsides. Her smoke launcher throws aim assist out the window, so there’s that. She’s still a reliable pick in Season 16 even when everyone else in the Class outshines her in some way.


  • Class: Controller
  • Season 15 pick rate: 1.7%

Rampart is a hard sell for anything activity outside of public games. Her portable walls are easily countered with grenade spam or a well-timed flank. But once Shiela gets going, there’s no better feeling than watching enemies go down one after another. As a Controller Legend, she’s definitely outclassed by Caustic and the Catalyst in almost every situation.


  • Class: Recon
  • Season 15 pick rate: 1.3%

Crypto is a powerful legend, no doubt about that. But his particular playstyle makes it so that he’s going to be the last one to arrive in a team fight. That’s just how it is. And there’s nothing wrong with that unless the enemy team already figured they have a 2 vs 3 in their hands and just full sends.

The drone has its moments though. Especially if the game makes it all the way to the final circle.

D-Tier Legends


  • Class: Support
  • Season 15 pick rate: 4.7%

As Lifeline main from all the way back when the game first launched, I can’t help but feel that Respawn sidelined my favorite combat medic. Even when the game was introducing game-breaking Legends left and right, Lifeline stayed the same throughout. And that’s not cool.

Moving forward in the season, it’s going to be hard to justify a Lifeline pick in the Support role when the only thing you have going for you is your quick revive. Not even your care pack is going to be safe against Skirmishers if they decide to push you out of position.

The fact is, with Newcastle and Gibby in the Support Class, the space suddenly became very crowded.


  • Class: Skirmisher
  • Season 15 pick rate: 2.8%

Mirage is hard not to love, with all the potential fun the character has for bamboozling players. But there comes a point in every Mirage main’s career that they realize that the bamboozles just don’t work anymore. And try as they must, Respawn can change the mechanics 20 ways from Sunday, but players only need to be fooled a couple of times before they’re wise to the tricks. Also, the revive buff is cool and all but like it was in its first form, it’s a novelty that won’t be fooling many players for long.

But who knows really? Maybe Mirage does become meta next season. There’s only one way to find out. (PS He’ll always be a fun pick in public lobbies.)

As for my predictions for Season 16, I’d wager that Octane and Wraith will remain top picks for most players. And my boldest prediction has got to be that Seer will take a massive hit in pick rate on account of all his nerfs.

The pick rates were from stat-tracking website, Apex Legends Status, one week prior to the release of Apex Legends Season 16. Also, their appearance on the list is not indicative of a Legend’s position within a rank. As far as I’m concerned, the tiers is all that matters.

That about wraps it up for this early, early look at what the meta is going to look like in a few weeks’ time. Maybe we’ll look and see how things are going along with all the new changes. Should that come to pass, check back here with us.

Apex Legends Season 16: Revelry is coming to PC (via Steam) and all mainline consoles starting on February 14, 2023. Check out the trailer here.

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