Apex Legends Season 17 Tier List – All Legends Ranked

Season 17 has changed the meta of which legends are better than others. Check out our Apex Legends Season 17 Tier List to see who we think is the best.

Apex Legends Season 17 tier list featured

Legends have always been the highlight every time a new season arrives, and Apex Legends Season 17 is pushing players to pick their best. Each playable member of Apex Games brings their own utility, strategy, and gameplay to their team, which makes them an asset. However, some legends have better abilities and thrive in the arena than most. This Apex Legends Season 17 tier list will show you who reigns as the Apex Predator among the roster.

S-Tier Legends for Season 17

The best legends on this Season 17 tier list dominate the roster. You’ll see these legends in the battle royale often because of how good their abilities are.

S-tier - Apex Legends Season 17 tier list
Assault Legend: Octane


Movement is king in Apex Legends, which is why Octane stands at the top of this tier list. His tactical and ultimate ability are second to none when it comes to getting around. They also recharge fast, so you can use them at leisure. His abilities make Octane incredibly difficult to hit and keep up with. And that jump pad of his will save his team more than once when they need to get somewhere fast and that circle is closing in. The best part is that you don’t need to waste too many health items on Octane, as his passive ability allows him to heal when he’s not under fire.


You often hear players get mocked for using Wraith as try-hards because everyone knows just how good this legend is. Because of her passive ability, ambushing her is nearly impossible, and hitting her is even harder due to her small stature. Wraith’s ability to phase in and out of the battlefield while getting a 30% movement boost in speed is one of the best movement abilities in the game due to how it lets her move around without risk of getting shot. Setting up portals with her ultimate ability made many champions when it came to team placements late in the match.


Being large and having abilities that rain down explosions and erect a massive bubble shield, Gibraltar is a presence impossible to miss in the arena. Gibraltar’s ability to control the battlefield makes him a hard enemy to push back against, especially since the maps in Apex Legends have a lot of open spaces that Gibraltar’s ability kit can make full use of. In a straight-up firefight, Gibraltar always has the advantage of attrition as his passive gun shield blocks incoming gunfire, shielding him from some damage until it breaks.

A-Tier Legends for Season 17

Great picks for Season 17, but not quite enough to be considered the best. These legends have great utility in combat, which makes them function well in most modes in Apex Legends.

A-tier - Apex Legends Season 17 tier list
Recon legend: Bloodhound


Bloodhound is the best recon legend, being capable of using their abilities to benefit them and their team to the fullest without any drawbacks that other legends of their class usually have. You just can’t hide from a Bloodhound because they will be able to scan you through walls, giving a boon of information to Bloodhound and their allies. This gives you an idea of how many hostile legends are nearby and if they’re separated or not, which can help you decide if you should push or not. When the moment strikes, Bloodhound can activate their ultimate, which gives them a massive boost in speed and tracks enemy footprints and other revealing information, ensuring that no one can hide when Bloodhound comes looking.


Built to be a predator, Ash is well suited to hunting other legends with her ability kit. Her ability to scan death boxes to reveal the locations of enemy teams is great if you’re looking for a fight or want to steer clear of one. Ash’s tactical ability will force enemies to stay and fight regardless of how low their health is. She’s able to surprise enemies with her ultimate, allowing her to cut a rift in the void to teleport anywhere, opening possibilities for multiple ways to ambush ill-prepared enemy teams.


The new guy came to play with a lot of toys, as Ballistic’s extremely useful passive ability lets him carry three weapons at the same time. He even carries a modified smart pistol, which he uses as his tactical ability to overheat enemy weapons, damaging those who are hit and leaving them vulnerable for a period of time. Ballstic is great for making a push, as his ultimate ability gives nearby teammates unlimited ammunition, increased movement and reload speed, and turns his third weapon into gold while the ability is active.


Bangalore has been one of the best assault legends since the first season, and her ability kit hasn’t changed much since then because she’s always been that good. Her passive ability lets her move faster the moment she’s under fire, which lets her keep up with even Octane. Bangalore can use her tactical ability to lay down smoke offensively and defensively, which blocks enemy vision and turns the battlefield into mass confusion. Her ultimate ability isn’t as good as Gibraltar’s, but it’s more useful as a means to smoke out enemies from their hiding places and vantage points than to deal damage.


Catalyst has been a strong pick since she made her debut, and Season 17 still makes her a great legend to pick. She can block doors with her passive ability, locking enemies in or out of a building. With her tactical ability, she can lay traps using her ferrofluid, which will slow enemies upon activation and damage them, which can put a grinding halt to any offensive push. Catalyst’s ultimate ability blocks enemy line of sight by summoning a massive wall of ferrofluid, which will slow and blind enemies foolish enough to step through it.


Dominate the skies with Valkyrie, as her ability kit lets her reach almost any vantage point in the game. Her passive ability lets her fly around the area for a few seconds, which allows her to keep repositioning in the middle of any fight. Her tactical ability to launch miniature missiles at enemy legends can even be used while in the skies, which can briefly stun enemies or force them to leave cover if they choose not to move. Valkyrie’s ultimate ability essentially turns her into a portable jump tower to allow her team to relocate at any time, which can be a lifesaver in battle royale mode.

Mad Maggie

Mad Maggie’s pure offensive kit focuses on dealing punishing damage to the enemy team. No one can hide behind cover with her tactical ability, which forces them out of it. Mad Maggie can even track enemies she’s damaged to ensure nobody escapes from her. If you want a purely devastating character, Mad Maggie is a great optional pick for Apex Legends Season 17.


Horizon’s control over gravity has some big advantages in fights where she can send herself or anyone else flying. Her tactical ability grants her vertical dominance to climb pretty much anything, and it’s surprisingly difficult to hit her once she hits the air. Her ultimate is great for keeping enemies in place by sucking them into each other, providing an opportunity to throw grenades their way while they’re completely helpless.

B-Tier Legends for Season 17

These legends are decent picks, but they have drawbacks that don’t make them as great of a pick as they should be. Which is why we placed them in the B-tier for this Season 17 tier list.

B-tier - Apex Legends Season 17 tier list
Recon legend: Pathfinder


Pathfinder has the most beloved tactical ability; it’s just too much fun to grapple around the field. If it weren’t for the long cooldowns, Pathfinder would be higher on this Season 17 tier list. His ultimate ability is something to consider, as firing a zipline to get to vantage points is a big help to his team. Pathfinder is a bit lacking in his passive ability, even though it helps reduce the cooldown of his ultimate.


Lifeline can make the claim of being the best support legend even in Season 17. Her passive ability to send out her drone to revive her allies means that you don’t need to lose an extra gun just to get someone back on their feet. Lifeline can ensure that her team keeps fighting to the bitter end by healing them when they need it with her tactical ability. The only downside is that she lacks any offensive ability, which is prized in this game.


Sniping is underrated in Apex Legends, but Vantage is a legend that takes full advantage of that playstyle with her ability kit. Her passive ability allows her to zoom in and spot enemy players further away, and her tactical ability lets her reposition to a better vantage point. Vantage’s ultimate ability marks enemies, which lets her entire team deal more damage to anyone marked. She’s a pretty good pick if you like sniping, but otherwise she lacks any close-quarters ability for when the ring closes in battle royale.


Rampart wasn’t all that good when she was first released into Apex Legends; however, significant buffs from the previous seasons made her somewhat viable, if only for her ultimate ability. Her tactical ability to put down portable cover can take some time but can be a lifesaver when no other cover is available. Her passive ability to reload LMGs faster can make or break any encounter. However, Rampart still lacks offensive abilities that would make her a top pick.

C-Tier Legends for Season 17

Legends that have more drawbacks than benefits have been placed in the C-tier. They have abilities that can be considered entirely situational, which makes them lag behind other legends.

C-tier - Apex Legends Season 17 tier list
Support legend: Newcastle


Newcastle is the team’s walking shield and protector. His tactical and ultimate ability give his team cover to get behind when taking fire. The problem is that Newcastle does feel like an inferior version of Gibraltar and can feel sluggish to control and get used to. He isn’t bad, but his ability kit really needs some work.


Crypto is a decent legend in the hands of a player who knows how to use him, but not for most people. There’s some forethought required to use Crypto’s abilities and communication with his team, which makes him a hard legend to utilize unless you have all of that. The fact that his abilities really just center around his drone makes him a bit of a one-trick pony who’s vulnerable once that drone is shot down from the sky.


Loba is great during the early game when teams are scrambling to get the best gear. Her ultimate ability recharges pretty fast, which allows her team to get their pick of weapons they want around the center without needing to walk around and look for them. It’s extremely useful for gathering ammo, but the fact that you’re limited to only two items is kind of a letdown. Her tactical ability has good mobility, but it can be slow to use when you really need to get out of a pinch when under fire. Not to mention that Loba’s passive, which lets her see rare gear, feels useless once everyone is already stocked up.


While Revenant’s ultimate ability is on the right track, which is great for making a push against enemies without risking death, his passive abilities aren’t really all that useful, as double speed when crouching isn’t all that good since stealth isn’t a viable strategy in team fights. Although his ability to climb walls higher than everyone else is pretty good, it’s also entirely situational. Revenant’s tactical ability to shut down enemy abilities for a certain time is useful against aggressive legends if you can manage to hit them with it in the middle of a fight.


The thing about being able to trick people is that they’ll often see through it after awhile, which puts an old timer like Mirage in serious need of some new tricks. His entire ability kit revolves around fooling people, but experienced players can easily spot the deception, putting him at a disadvantage in Season 17. While he can still use his ultimate to turn invisible and flee to safety, it’s often situational. His biggest advantage is that he can turn himself and the player he’s reviving invisible, so he isn’t all that bad.


Seer started out strong when he was released in Apex Legends, but his viability has gone down in Season 17 after receiving some nerfs. His ultimate ability is still decent, but the reduction in duration and increase in cooldown mean you’ll have to pick when to use it sparingly. What was once an extremely useful passive ability to detect enemy heartbeats now reveals Seer’s location because enemies can now hear him using it. Seer is still fun to play in pubs, but not that great of an option when going for ranked.


The fact that they reuse the old mechanic of holding two of the same grenades in one inventory slot as Fuse’s passive ability doesn’t sound creative. He does mitigate this by being able to throw them farther than anyone else in the game, but unless you’re willing to stock up on grenades and reserve some slots on your inventory for them, you won’t be able to use Fuse to its fullest. His tactical ability deals decent damage and essentially gives you a free grenade, but his ultimate ability, which lets you create a ring of fire, isn’t as good as it sounds. Fuse needs some serious work if he’s to be a more frequent pick in Season 17.


Defensive characters like Wattson have a hard time trying to blend in with the aggressive nature of Apex Legends. Wattson can setup and essentially control an area, but she needs preparation time first, which means settling down. This can be ideal for preventing other players from flanking in the middle of a firefight, but it can be situational. Her passive ability gives her the ability to fully charge her ultimate ability using just one Ultimate Accelerant. Her ultimate ability itself is a good counter to Gibraltar and Fuse by denying incoming projectiles. Wattson can be a very situational character with few incentives to pick from.

D-Tier Legends for Season 17

Legends that are out of place in Apex Legends’ season 17 are placed in D-Tier. They have abilities that are easily countered and drawbacks that put them far behind everyone else on the roster.

D-tier - Apex Legends Season 17 tier list
Controller legend: Caustic


Caustic hasn’t made his return to greatness since his gas canisters have been debuffed to allow them to be destroyed even when oozing gas. It was fun to trap players inside rooms as they struggled to breathe because the door outside was blocked by a gas canister. But nowadays, his gas cans are easier to avoid, and there are better abilities suited to controlling and locking down areas. It’s even hard to see enemies through the gas smoke because they’re highlighted in green, which is the same color as the gas itself.

That’s our Apex Legends Season 17 tier list. We hope this guide helped you learn which legend is best for you this season. Check out more of our Apex Legends articles here.