Apex Legends Season 5 Has Arrived With Fortune’s Favor Launch Trailer

Apex Legends Loba

Game developer Respawn Entertainment recently released a brand new trailer for free-to-play battle royale video game Apex Legends featuring season 5.

Apex Legends Fortune’s Favor launch trailer details

The latest trailer launches the next season for the popular battle royale video game featuring its newest character, Loba Andrade. After witnessing he parents’ murders and growing up to become a grand thief, she joins the Apex Games in search of her parents’ immortal killer Revenant. In this trailer she almost finishes the job before the true body escapes and the whole area sinks to the ocean.

From the video, it seems Loba can teleport with a short range, can loot items from her opponents, and uses a staff. There should be other abilities too, but we will just have to see in the game to find out.

Season 5 will launch on May 12. The whole game is now available for free on Xbox one, PlayStation 4, and PC via Origin.

Check out the launch trailer here: